Other Things

Hi Pat,

Well I called that one – I see your latest Patrick Long Raceblog column is up at Panorama. I was eager to have an idea what you thought about the whole deal at Road Atlanta. I still do not quite understand why the organizations did not, in advance, when everybody could see what was coming, make some kind of plan for a red flag period and then to finish the race, whether in a 30-minute shoot-out later at night, a longer run at night, or the next day, which we all knew would be gorgeous.

And then there are the bigger ongoing issues you referred to regarding the rules, and the disparities in the ways they can work out in terms of car specs, particularly power, if I understand the conflict correctly. Hopefully next year will bring good change there.

C’est la vie. Andiamo! I’m mixing languages there but I know you know what I’m saying. That’s life. Let’s move on!

Today I’ve taken a day off from the usual. No work stuff, no car stuff. Well OK I can’t really say no car stuff, because when we got to the market at Pepper Place this morning, we had to walk through a classic car show to get to the market. My poor husband. He practically had to drag me out of there.
But really, don’t you think this white 76 Alfa Romeo Spider would look awesome on me?? I think I need to have one. Especially given my dad’s love for Alfa Romeo.

So of course you are positive about Road Atlanta and the work ahead. Really, what are the alternatives, wallow in aggravation in self-pity? We only have a finite amount of energy, I believe, and a big part living life to the fullest is, in my view, mastering the fine art of balance in how we use that energy that we have. So I spent the morning romping around the market with my dear husband. Then it was home to tackle a few projects. I’d taken the dead flowers away from the front of the house and we had many empty spaces to fill back in. That didn’t take long with the right tools (finally). I mounted the new hose keeper on the side of the house, and after watering my new Cedar of Lebanon seedling (planted in honor of my dad, to match the one I planted at his grave last weekend), got the hose all coiled up in its new place. We have a blower! Who knew? I cleaned up my mess of soil and leaves on the porch and voila! Ready for fall.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to spend some time at my office. The week got away from me, my days filled with a never-ending stream of interruptions. I am working on a huge writing project, a great big report, and I need a long stretch of quiet time to sink into all that and to make sense of the morass of details for those who will make the decisions about my top secret gubmint things that I do. So working on Sunday is no fun, but…but! I will take the 911 to the office, and I will take a long ridiculously circuitous route around hilly Birmingham to get there and enjoy that a bit.

We’re heading out to dinner tonight. If I can convince my big tall husband to fold himself into the 911, I’ll get her out tonight. It’s a picture-perfect day here. Hope you can say the same, wherever you are.

Stopping to smell the flowers,


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