The Real Thing

Dear Patrick,

My Real Driving Coach surfaced today and as always, it was so good to get caught up with him. As plans currently stand, I’m going out for a ride with him next Wednesday and I’m psyched! We had a great chat. He may come out to the 10/10 event, not sure in what capacity, my coach, or an instructor with several students for the club, or to support me. Either way, he is such a positive force for me when it comes to driving, it will be great to work a little with him however it happens.

He says he’s jealous that I got your autograph on my helmet before I got his on there. Snort! I had already decided to bring a Sharpie out with me on my next visit, and get as many instructors as possible to put their autographs on there. I’ve been thinking about helmets, and my next one will have some graphics on it. So this one will be my first, and having all the autographs on it will be fun once it’s time to retire it.

I’m whooped. I have had a really intense week at work, and it shows no sign of letting up any time soon. All my October driving plans will be the perfect antidote, as long as I can keep everything in balance. I do believe in the “work hard, play hard” principle!

I need to go check the NASCAR Camping World Series West schedule and see if you’re stirring things up out there this weekend. Or do you sometimes take a weekend off? I’m guessing that’s unlikely the weekend before the final race of the ALMS season. Perhaps you are madly writing updates for your various columns. I’ll take a look in the usual places.

Oh, one last random thought: I wasn’t the only one whining about the way the race officials handled the rain red flag situation at le Petit le Mans. The American Le Mans Series issued a statement they’re calling, “PETIT LE MANS 2009: AN EXPLANATION: The position from the Series, IMSA and Road Atlanta.” Yeah, yeah, I get all that. It was just such a severe bummer, is all!

Getting all zen about it,

PS Edited to add: Camping World Series East & West both had their last races on September 25th. You finished 20th in the East with 4 starts and 4 top ten finishes, and in the west you finished 22nd with 4 starts and 2 top five finishes – including your first NASCAR win! Woohoo! Congrats on a great first season in NASCAR! Uh, I am actually not sure if this was your first season? OK whatever, great year, congrats!


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