Driving is a Team Sport

Hi Pat,

So what are you up to? Aside from preparing to kick ass at Laguna Seca, of course. I’m back to the old daily grind, and things with work are up in the air. So all my driving plans are likewise up in the air. I hate it when that happens!

My Real Driving Coach has been elusive lately. He had said he’d come out to my 10/10 event as an instructor. He’s not technically “in the club,” so there are weird aspects just to getting him signed up like that. I don’t think that’s going to be the way to go. I am going to float another idea by him. He’s offered to do this for hire, so I am going to see if he is interested in coming to the 10/10 track day with me as my tech. I am happy to pay him for his time, and I really could use his help in terms of doing things like making adjustments in my tire pressures. I can do the labor part of that, but I mean I could use his knowledge about how my tires appear to be performing and wearing, and what I should do to improve and maximize their performance.

Oh, I am happy to report that my not-so-new-anymore-tires got rave reviews in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Back in March I replaced my Michelin PS2s with Dunlop Direzza Z-1 Star Specs. Where do they get these damned names?? Anyway, I had to get educated about tires pretty quickly. I got lots of good advice, and took the plunge on these. I have found them to be excellent in every way. Their only downside is that they are a little noisy. I am willing to sacrifice that for a good street/performance tire.

Anyway back to My Real Driving Coach, I can see his work calendar online and it is insane for the weeks before and after my track day. Thus, I think it is unlikely he will come out, but it’s certainly worth a try. I am ever the optimist! If not him, I’d like to arrange to paddock with some other people. I learned this my last time out at Barber – driving truly is a team sport. It’s not really meant to be completely solitary the way I sometimes find myself doing it. It can be done, I guess, but even the best, smartest, richest can benefit from the feedback of others. The whole experience of the last weekend at Barber hanging out with my Oh-Forty Racing team was just…something else entirely from doing it alone. I hope some of those guys will be out for the October thing. In fact, the Englishman who kept egging me on to “block em, block em! why you lettin em by on the front straight?” – he’s back! He’d moved to Germany several months ago, but I hear he’s back and i am going to email him right after I post this to you.

I’m so excited to be going back to the track where I first cut my teeth last October 25th. While my driving experience over the year has been inconsistent, I know a whole lot more today than I did the first time I went out. If nothing else, the energy that went into first-time jitters and nightmares about getting my arm out of the window for all that pointing-by (I sit so far forward that I have to lean back to reach out), my seatbelts hurting my boobs, all that is ovah. I am very much more at home in my car. She and I are one in terms of comfort level. I could not say that last October when I’d only owned the car for three months.

I’d like to have my in-car camera by then. Which is next week which means I’ll have to order it with express shipping like, tomorrow. I better get right on that!

Well I guess I’m just babbling. It’s been quiet on the Flying Lizard front. I submitted my photo and video links to the fan page and thanked Jennifer for the awesome job she does with all the media updates. You will be racing for the GT2 championships while I am toodling around Little Tally – I will look forward to her text message updates to keep up with you guys.

Alright I’m outta here. Be happy and well, wherever you are!


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