Hey Pat,

Well what did YOU think when you woke to the picture-perfect racing weather this morning?

Yeah. So random.

But then…I don’t know. Perhaps my naivete is showing again, but it seems to me that with all the advance info we had on the weather and local conditions, the officials could have had a back-up plan that accommodated the weather, whether it was racing later into the night, coming back the next day, something.

I don’t know squat about how all that works, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Turns out I have car things for three weekends in October – 10th is my 1-day DE at Little Talladega. The 17th, or local Pcar club is having what they’re calling “Octoberfast” or something like that. A shine & show, bbq, then a nice long drive on some fun local roads. Then on the 25th there’s another autocross. I may have to adjust my plans, since some things at work look like they’re going to mushroom in complexity through the month. We shall see!

OK I’m just home and I need to get unpacked, and then repack some stuff to leave for a short work road trip tomorrow.

Happy trails wherever you are!


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