Petit le Mans Race Day

Hi Pat,

Well I’m sure I made a great impression introducing myself as your stalker blogger! Thanks for the autograph. One of my racer friends assures it’ll take a good two seconds off my lap time. Hee!

I’ve uploaded a batch of photos – CLICK HERE to see them.

OK so rain red flag right now. In a few minutes, we will know whether they will go green again for the final hour and change. It’s been rain red flag for about three and a half hours or so. Bringing the Porsche was absolutely the right thing to do, and I do not regret it. But it did require some special care. The Porsche corral turned into a big mud pit. Cayennes and 4WD cars were spinning around like tops out there. There was a little car carnage, even. So I decided to get my car out of there before the rains began this afternoon. I was blocked in, and ended up pulling out just as it began to fall.

Actually, it was pretty much a one-shot deal making a way out of that mess, a series of exactly-right decisions would be required. I handed the keys to a much better driver than me and he got the car to the hard pack. Once out of there, there was nowhere else to park. All of the usual parking is muddy, and you may have noticed that every bit of available hard surface had vehicles parked on it. So I came back to the hotel. If the race goes green again I am going to go back over to the track. I’m just 5 minutes away, and I’ll call ahead to the guy in charge of the Porsche corral and be sure I can get a spot on the hard pack there. If not, I’ll bag that idea. But I’m glad I got a re-entry pass just in case.

I’m not talking about the obvious, which is how frustrating a day this has been. Risi got their rain tires on early and somehow ended up with a lap on the rest of the class. You were at P5 when they called the red flag. If we go back for any amount of racing at all, I know you guys will go after it like nobody’s business. I got to talk to several of the pit guys, and your desire to finish the championship work today goes right down through the ranks. It looks like mission impossible, but I know that this is when you guys do some of your very best work. I hope we get some more track time. I want to see you go after it! We’ll know in about 20 minutes.

More later,

OK, this is the more later.

They called the race at 8:05, with that damned 62 in the lead, and you guys back in 5th. You are still in the points lead by 19 points, but I know you wanted to finish them off tonight, rather than going into Laguna Seca cutting it that close. Gah! The universe is making you work for this one. I really thought we were going to get some more time. In fact, after I posted the first part of this entry, I got right back into my car and was just pulling up to the track when I heard on the radio that they’d called it and waved the checkered flag. Bah humbug!

Well as always I appreciate Jen’s blog updates – she is great with the quick summaries (and the shout-outs to Lola – that was cute!). I’m packing up now and I’ll head out of here in the morning. I don’t even know the date of the next race, I’ll check the schedule. I hope you guys have a great trip home or wherever you go next. I’m off to see my mother tomorrow, and then on back to Alabama for me. The day is not a total sports bummer – at least the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Arkansas Razorbacks. Small consolation in that. Very, very small.

Glad I brought some hefty bags to pack my red-clay-stained clothes for the trip home,


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