It’s the Driver, Not the Car

Hi Pat,

OK I know the car CAN make all the difference. But a shit driver in the best car is still a shit driver, and unlikely to win just because they have the best car. On the other hand, the best driver can win in the shittiest car because, well, he is the best DRIVER. It’s the driver, not the car.

Not that David Murry’s Ford was a shit car. Clearly, it was not. But earlier I was all “WTF???” about a Ford taking the pole – until I PAID ATTENTION to who was behind the wheel and understood more about his history. Murry took the pole. That makes sense.

I am reminded (again, have I said all this before?) of a violin lesson I had with this crazy Lituanian professor back in the day. I was whinging on and on about how I couldn’t do this particular technique (two notes at the same time) any better because I had a crappy violin. I was all out of tune. And I have perfect pitch, so it was especially excruciating and humiliating. On this memorable day, my teacher quietly said, “Geef me your vioLEEN.” I gave it to him. And let me just say here that it truly was a piece of shit. But in the moment, that was not my problem, and my wise professor knew it. He took my vioLEEN and he played the thing I was working on, and it was so fucking perfect, the intonation was so dead-on that the overtones cut through me like a knife and shoved salty tears out of my eyeballs.

Hey. I know this blog is named after you, but we both know it’s all about me.

I thought I learned that lesson. Dammit I’m 48! I have learned it in many ways, but here again is another layer. I have learned it to the extent that I don’t go around whinging that I’m not a better driver because of my car. I know very well that my little stock car has pa-lenty to teach me yet. Ultimately I guess it was more a reminder of how naive I am about the whole world of professional driving.

I think I can safely say that if you are actually reading this thing, you have figured that out!

OK I’m getting punchy. Big day tomorrow! Now, sleep.



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