All Systems Go!

Hi Pat,

While you were out doing your thing on the track today, I was slugging away in my office doing my thing. It was an extremely stressful day, and I was glad for a few breaks when I could get online and see how practice was going. I hate to miss night qualifying tonight, but I will be packing up and catching a nap so I can be there in the morning.

I feel soooo much better now that my car is cleaned up. I was very very very (!) upset about her leaking and getting some mold in there. I’m bringing towels and tarps in case we get rain this weekend. Jen wrote in the Lizard blog that it was hot and humid today. Well just hang in there, the forecast is calling for temps in the 70’s on Saturday. Hopefully not driven down by cooling rains! But that should make for a very nice cool day. We rarely get a break from the humidity so forget that!

OK well I have so much to do before I can get my rest and then hit the road. And I have to remember to bring something special that showed up at the last minute. My father died a couple of years ago (sniff! it still feels like yesterday), and he’s where I get the Lebanese half of my heritage. He loved the Cedars of Lebanon, majestic trees. So when we chose his cemetery plot, we chose one at the edge of the cemetery where we were told we could do some of our own planting. We decided to put some Cedars of Lebanon there, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. I ended up having to order them six months ago over the internet from a nursery in Pennsylvania who had just two seedlings that they said they could ship in September. We’d hoped to get them planted by my father’s birthday on September 21st, but that didn’t happen. Of course, they arrived yesterday. So I will be carrying this precious cargo along with me as well, in addition to some hand gardening tools so that I can plant these on Sunday morning after the race.

Just to keep things interesting, of course! Now comes the fun of de-tracking my car and packing it up with everything I need for the weekend. I can’t wait to get there.

Now…you and the Lizards – I see the BMWs are not going easy are they? You guys probably hardly care about them as long as you come out ahead of the Risi gang. I know one thing, the way things have changed up with the BMWs coming in so strong, and the Corvettes nothing to sneeze at either – as you said early on, the late season would be very exciting, and you were right.

OK must go – see you soon? Hee!

Getting ready for a 911 road trip,


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