The Road to Road Atlanta: Part Deux

Hi Pat,

I’m just in from tying the tarp down over my car, and I can hear it raining like hell outside. The official forecast only pegged the rain chances at 20% for tonight and 30% for tomorrow. But the big blob of yellow and orange on the weather radar was headed straight for us, so I gave it 100%. Unfortunately, this is headed your way.

I was pretty cavalier about making the trip over. Even when I got my head around the direness of the flooding (and made sure my family in Jonesboro, Gainesville, Dallas and Lawrenceville were all OK), I wasn’t so much daunted about making the trip as I was concerned about which car to drive. The SUV was looking like the better choice. But then I saw on the news that a five-mile section of I-20 between here and there is flooded – and closed. And all the detour routes are bogged down with hours of backlogged interstate traffic. There are other routes that start out due north from here, adding about an hour to the usual three-hour trip (plus one for crossing the time zone). One of them goes through some of my favorite country in northern Alabama and Georgia, and oh would it be great in the 911!

It’s only Tuesday night, so I’ll just have to see what the next two days bring.

The track must be drenched. There’s a big clear gap in the clouds headed your way, and then, mostly likely, more of this rain. Don’t you hate it when it’s all about the weather? I am curious where your team stays when you are in town, over at Chateau Elan? In a nice big house somewhere around the lake? My friends who are already there say it’s business as usual, mostly. I would love to be listening in on team radio to hear what’s going on!

After work today, I got out a whole bunch of bags and boxes and bins of mixed up stuff, including my car stuff, and I got it all straightened out. My car tools are back in my car tool box, my house tools are in a new house tool box, and I found my duct tape! Hahah! But I still cannot find my magnetic SCCA class letters, my floor jack, my compressor, my battery charger. Those items, I am fairly sure, were stolen when my car was stolen our first week here. Got the car back, minus some stuff we weren’t sure of. Now I’m pretty sure. Found my tire guage, though! The missing class letters are really bugging me. I remember stacking them all neatly and putting them….somewhere. Yeah.

OK dogs are getting fidgety, better see what’s up.

I may actually see you, your actual real self, in a few days. Or not! Who knows!

Bye for now,


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