Devil’s in the Details

Dear Pat,

It’s Monday night and I’m guessing you’re at Road Atlanta. In which case you have been experiencing this insane rain up close and personal. It’s not been as bad here in Birmingham as it has been further east, but my mother was landlocked today at her apartment complex, and roads around my brothers’ houses are closed. One of my brothers lives right on Lake Lanier and I shudder to think what’s up with them. Still trying to catch him by phone.

I cannot imagine what the track must be like. The Road Atlanta website said the race is on rain or shine, but camping access has been put off a few days. If I can find my rain boots, I’m packing them. I imagine there will be lots of mushy ground out there. I’m still bringing my 911, but she’s a bit rough. I’ll hope to catch a break in the rain to get her cleaned up really well. I need to get the carpet shampooed in a big way. I have a leak somewhere, which sitting out in this rain has made very apparent. Poor baby was garage-kept all her life before me. Finally today we got a little break and I drug a big tarp out there and threw it over the top of the car. I hadn’t been wanting to damage my paint and la-ti-da-ti-da but this will at least keep rain from coming in around the windows.

I’m trying to get things sorted at work so that it won’t take an act of Congress for me to be away from work on Friday. And I’m slowly getting things sorted at home. Hopefully the world will dry up a bit for everyone in the next few days. There appears to be a big patch of clear weather headed our way. I’m looking forward to a little 911 road trip!

Meanwhile, you guys are preparing for what will surely be an exciting race. I wonder how this crazy weather is affeecting the prep and planning? Maybe we’ll hear something about that Friday morning. Meanwhile I found a blurb at the Road Atlanta site which says that you will be doing an interview on a radio show that’s having a Petit le Mans night. But when? It doesn’t give the date. It says it’s a “full seven days before the official start…of the Petit le Mans raceweek” which would be what, seven days before Wednesday? Seven days before Saturday? Sunday? Monday? I eventually found the website for the Speedzone radio show and it looks like these interviews will be Tuesday night starting at 7pm eastern, with live streaming online.

For my reader who may want to check out the radio show, here are the details for the show on Tuesday, September 20th:

On 790-AM, The Zones SpeedZone show with Mike Bell will devote much of its opening hour to driver interviews. The schedule breaks down like this (all times are Eastern), with the show available online at

7:10 p.m.  Scott Sharp (Patron Highcroft Racing)
7:20 p.m.  Chris Dyson (Dyson Racing)
7:40 p.m.  Patrick Long (Flying Lizard Motorsports)
7:50 p.m.  Tommy Milner (BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team)

If technology allows, I’ll be listening. Soon Jen will have the Lizard blog going, and then a couple more days and I’ll be there myself. Woo!

UPDATE: Bloody hell, the interviews were last week? Well I’m downloading yours in mp3 format from the Road Atlanta front page. Let’s see what you’ve got to say…

OK well this is live, but you’re not in the same location as the show. Notes while you chat – “Battle royale,” indeed. Atlanta is your Porsche home town. Now about driving the track – tried to slow down and smell the roses. Checking out what the fans are doing and what the venue presents. Hmm. Cool to see all the camping. Knowledgeable and passionate fans. Great rolling hills, spectacular weekend, even if not on race day. Tons of racing action, not just the big show on Sunday. You’re in your car that’s faster than our listeners, then guys in your rearview blowing by you. Wild perspective – like going up interstate 85, hand signals when four crotch rockets come up from behind you and split the difference – they shake you up. Heh – cute analogy. GT is where the action’s at this year. Porsche tells you where to go. Mike Bell says the Flying Lizards have hot chicks. Asking you if you get road ragey in traffic. Sure but you have to get that out, we’re paid to keep that off the track and keep it safe. You can stuff a guy safely, or you know who to give room to. Several races at once. Different aesthetics. Wild spectacle. Cool series, lighting systems on the cars. Lots of beatin and bangin, save it for the rental cars on the way back from the track. They say you’ll talk about the cars next time. Fox Sports Grill next Tuesday. Which is tomorrow. So maybe you are on again. Hopefully I’ll remember to check in and see.

Man, the devil’s in the details!

Bye for now,


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