Room at the Inn

Hi Pat,

I forgot to mention yesterday: I’ve signed up to drive an autocross event this Sunday. It’s my usual club, where I started at the end of last season. I’ve only made it out a few times this season, and it feels like it’s been forever. Since the last time I was out with this bunch, the space we use has been shrunken to about 25% of its former size. This is a serious and dedicated bunch of autocross nerds, so they have figured out how to make the best of what we have, and are pressing forward with the last three events of the season. SO I’m tech-ing up the 911 and we’re going out to play on Sunday. Joy!

In my last note, I was all talking about bringing my sleeping bag to Road Atlanta and finding a spot of dirt to camp on. Before committing to that course of action, I thought I would give a call to the hotel I always stay at when I work NASA-SE events at Road Atlanta. The front desk clerk who knows me answered the phone and we got all caught up with each other. Then to my shock she said they had about a dozen rooms still open for the Petit time frame. I can even have my “usual” room. How awesome is that?

My plan is still a little wacky, since I got the room only for Friday and Saturday. I have to work a full day Thursday. So my current plan is to grab an evening nap and get up crazy early and head out of here at something like 2am. That will put me at the gate when it opens, which is when I want to arrive. Then straight to the Porscheplatz to get signed up for parade laps. Then a Friday full of awesomeness and off to the hotel Friday evening.

Excuse me while I get Juan Pablo Montoya off my television screen. He is one whiney-ass motherfokker. Buh-bye Juan!

OK well anyway. That’s all the excitement I have for now. Autocross and a hotel room. Woohoo! Heh!

Getting the Vroom-mobile ready for a road trip,


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