The Road to Road Atlanta

Hi Pat,

Well it’s settled, then. I’m putting in tomorrow for some leave days for next week. My plan is to come over Thursday night or maybe Friday morning. I’m throwing accommodations to the wind for now and bringing a sleeping bag. I kind of hate going to huge events like this alone, and it’s way too late to sign up as a worker (which I found out when I tried), but I should be able to find some folks who’ll share a spot of ground with me. I have friends from all different quarters who are making the trip. I think I have some comp tickets coming my way as well (fingers crossed). The hat trick will be getting a Porscheplatz pass on Friday morning, and getting signed up for parade laps. It’s coming together.

And! I’m coming in my 911, and I’m bringing my helmet which I hope to decorate with some driver signatures. Your Lizard team is giving a presentation at the Porscheplatz on Friday morning so I will be sure to be there for that. It must be early – you’re on track for practice at 9AM. I’ve never been one to collect autographs, but I love the idea of carrying some good racing juju right on my head when I go out on track myself. So look out, I’ll be the chunky old white-haired woman squeeing like a teenager whilst handing you a helmet to autograph. I am so sure it won’t be your first! (the helmet, or the squee)

So now I’m getting suuuuuper excited! I’ll get my car all spiffed up this weekend, and start pulling a few things together. I did parade laps year before last and it was such a kick! Last year I had to skip it because I could only spend the briefest time out there, mostly focused on seeing my corner worker friend I’d not seen in ten years – we had about twenty minutes of face-time after Thursday night qualifying. Better than nothing! Anyway this is the only way I’ll get my 911 on Road Atlanta for some time. I’m guessing I may be ready to drive it myself in…maybe another year.

Alright so where are you? Already in Atlanta? I imagine not quite yet – but I presume the cars are already down there with your top notch team of experts doing all those things that they do to get you set up to the best possible advantage. The driver list is up on the Road Atlanta site, an amazing who’s who of sports car racing. Awesome! I have to say I love how the Risi #62 comes just after the Flying Lizard #45 on the entant list. Hee! It’s been a crazy, bumpy year, hasn’t it? Started out like gangbusters, then hit a snag or two. Well, you’ve been here before. Something tells me that the thrill of the championship race, the closeness, and your desire to fasten up your team and driver championship leads, will motivate you all to your highest potential. Isn’t that how it works?

Off I go, then. See you next weekend!


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