Expensive Mistakes

Hi Pat,

I’ve been meaning to mention a few things – first, you were featured prominently in an article called 24 Hours of Le Mans in the August Porsche Panorama. Very nice article! And who should also be featured but Thomas Blam, with a nice photo and everything. I’ve never met him but hope to someday. Actually if I get to Petit Le Mans this year, I should have good access, and I suppose I might run into him in the paddock or somesuch. You too!

I was thinking today how close that Legends class is all of a sudden. October 20th, I believe. I keep threatening to crash it, but I really am not a stalker and that would be a bit stalkerish. Not to mention putting my friend and Real Driving Coach who’s on staff there in an awkward position! I will only come if I am invited. Pinky swear.

And…surprise! Checking the schedule, I see that the rescheduled Legends class has disappeared. I’ll have to ring my friend, but my best guess is “this economy” means that far fewer people are ready to part with $10K for a day of fun with legendary drivers at Barber. Of course, I know nothing about what goes on behind the scenes, so who knows. Point being, so much for an awesome stalking opportunity!


Now I can’t think of the other thing I have been meaning to mention so I’ll write about expensive mistakes and maybe it’ll come back to me before I finish this letter.

So. My transmission. Well I shouldn’t say that. My gear shift. I put my car in the shop today, and the guy there who works on it felt the same loosey-goosey-ness in the shifter that I knew was there. I am a woman of few regrets, but sending my friend off without me in the car for his big fun time…I regret that for sure. What the hell was he thinking? Could he not have noticed what he was doing to my car? I have to assume that he got into playing Speed Racer and…aw hell I have no clue. Really. And can you tell I’m a little mad? What the fuck??

But crap. He’s my dear friend. Partner to one of my best gal pals. Surely he didn’t set out to bung up my car. Of course he didn’t. He didn’t set out to hurt anything. And let me not cease flogging myself for letting him take the car out without me along for the ride. I’ve never done that before. Knowing his background, and having ridden with him in his car, I just trusted him.

This will likely fall into the category of expensive mistake. And tempted as I am to unload to his wife, I have not done so. And I won’t. If I decide I need to say anything about it to them, I’ll talk directly to him. She tends to the dramatic. And it’s just properly between him and me, really. But I can’t imagine even saying anything to him about it. Part of me thinks I should just so he won’t think he can drive however it was he drove without screwing up somebody else’s car. But most of me thinks it’s just not worth it. He’ll either get all defensive and deny doing anything and helloooo awkward and I don’t even want to go there. Or he’ll feel really badly and want to pay and…just no.

Well. Easy to say now, before I’ve seen the bill, huh?

OK so thus ends our Porsche drama for today. Thank you for tuning in! Ha!

That other thing never did come back to me. I’m living up to my head of gray hair now! Woo!

And on that note, I’m outta here,


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