Petit or Not Petit

Hey Pat,

Well all of a sudden, le Petit le Mans is right around the corner, and I’m trying to figure out if I’m going over, if I’m working, or buying tickets and spectating, part or all of it, alone or…? Last year, my corner worker friend came in from Denver and gifted me his guest tickets, which was fantastic. My job was nuts at the time, and I was only able to come over for Thursday night qualifying and Friday. I don’t really enjoy going to these big events all by myself. I don’t know why, really. I’m fine alone. I have many friends who will be around. I could make plans to meet up with folks. But…I just don’t know. And if I go, do I drive the 911 over and do the whole Porscheplatz thing? Last year I had just gotten my car. This year, we are like old friends!

Anyway, leave it to me to make things seem much more complicated than they have to be. I’ll just have to hang loose awhile, see which of my friends are working, decide if I want to work, and if not, see if my friends are working and have guest tickets to spare. Do I stay with my mother 45 minutes south of the track for cheap, or do I stay near the track? See, there I go again. Hah!

I absolutely love this event, and will get over there if I can work it out. I was at the very first one in 1998 and have been meaning to scan some of my photos from the weekend that I recently ran across during our move. I have only lived in Alabama since 2001, and while I am thrilled to call Barber my “home” track lately, Road Atlanta has spent much longer near and dear to my heart.

Le sigh!

Alright. Back to party planning. Looks like I’m going to be brimming with overnight guests after the party on Saturday. I’m actually looking forward to that. I love having my sister and her kids here, and they always love coming to Aunt Kathy’s. Last time they stayed with me, I took them out one by one in my 911 and gave them manual transmission driving lessons. Even the eleven year old – who may actually be able to reach the pedals this year. Anyway, we’re looking forward to a great weekend. My husband turned 50 yesterday, a momentous occasion that definitely calls for a celebration! I designed the cake and can’t wait to see how it comes out in the execution.

I know you’re in Canada for the race so I didn’t send you an invite. Like you expected one! Oh, speaking of stalkery stuff, I linked this blog to another blog I keep online, and one of the readers who came over here and commented on my other site saying something to the effect that was kind of weirdly stalkerish but also endearing. Uh, I’m not sure how I feel about that description!

Well I started this last night and now it’s Thursday. Better post and get a move on. Miles to go before I sleep!

Busy as a bee,


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