The Mindreader in You

Hey Pat,

I read your recent post at, The Racer in Me, and it felt as though you’d been reading my mind. I knew, when I heard you on the team radio after the battle with the Vette, that you were working up some kind of plan to regain position or just…not be pushed around like that. Amazing bit of racing there in the last few laps last weekend, and I could hear it in your voice, you were not ready to let him have the last word.

You spoke about iRacing also, and I had actually been planning to submit a question to about whether you’d tried any simulated racing, what you thought of it, what kind of hardware and software you used. I’m not surprised that you’re not more into it. I have seen the same thing you referred to that brought Dale, Jr. to the road race – a newbie, behind the wheel in their first race, after doing their training on a simulator.

As you said, it has its place. There are things that it can really help with – and things it cannot. Nothing teaches car control but controlling a real car. However, short of that, I think there’s much to be learned on a simulator. I know lots of pro racers use them to get acclimated to new tracks, and to refresh their memories of tracks they’ve not driven in awhile. The quality of the track simulations, and really the whole experience, has become quite advanced.

Personally, I love firing up my Logitech Momo wheel and queuing up rFactor to take a few runs around Barber. It’s nothing like being there in the car, but it is a good way to refocus my mind in preparation for going out there, and a nice reminder on the long stretches of time between visits there.

Anyway, we’re in Atlanta for the weekend so rather than wax on and on about simulated racing, I’m back to real life, ATL-style.

City driver extraordinaire,


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