Road Trip

Hey Pat,

Busy time for you, I know. Up to Wisconsin at Road America, yet another historic venue. I had just posted a comment on the blog wishing you a good day, and went back to see Jenn’s post that officials thought they saw a fire in the rear of the #45. But no fire and you are back out again. Perhaps your car is just spitting fire – in a good way!

Another quickie from me, on my break from work. Busy work week for me, and a busier one ahead. Tonight I’m doing my first entertaining in our new home and it’s been a scramble to get it together. I always overdo! But the menu shaped up nicely, and it’s all home-made: Hummus, pasta salad, deviled eggs, baked brie, salad caprese, Lebanese spinach pies, an antipasto platter with some sliced meats & cheeses, fig thumbprint cookies, veg & fruit trays, and if I can get them done in time, chocolate-dipped cherries. We have some vegetarians in the bunch so the menu is mostly veggie, with a plate of meat for those who want it. House cleaning, organizing, prettying up, shopping, cooking, and I just did some quick gardening on my lunch break. Speaking of which work calls, and then I have to beat it out of here for ice and beer and on home to do the final set-up.

I should be home to watch the race live on Sunday – and I don’t even have to remember to adjust for time zones since you are in Central this week. I hope you guys kick some more azz and take some more names. Six in a row! Yeah!



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