Handy Men

Dear Pat,

by Chapman Autosports Photography borrowed from www.lizardms.com

by Chapman Autosports Images borrowed from http://www.lizardms.com

I watched the delayed broadcast of the race this afternoon and was treated to some in-car video of you and Jorg in the No. 45. I always love seeing things up close like that. Both of you – your hands are so relaxed – and so quick! I am completely awed by the level of skill you guys have attained, and the extremely high level of performance you maintain over the seasons. It is truly a treat to watch you guys in action. What did I call you last time, the Itzhak Perlman of racing? Today we’ll call you the Pat Metheny of racing! He does on the guitar what you do with a car, and it is sheer beauty to see and hear.

Speaking of hearing, wow did I love the sound of the No. 45 engine from inside the car! I bet you can feel it in every bit of your body from the seat, the wheels, the pedals. That’s one of the things I love about my older 911, the raw feedback. I’ve ridden in cars close to what you’re driving, so I know there are big differences, but I also know that the absolute connection is there with very intense feedback from the car. What fun!

Who are you, mysterious visitors?

Who are you, mysterious visitors?

Just a quickie today. Oh, and a note. I could not help but notice in the statistics for this site that we had 38 visitors in a single day on August 7. I wonder what that was all about? No particular referring site came up, so I guess maybe we were popular on one of those rotating blog feature sites? I have no clue. Not a single soul has left a comment, so it shall remain a little mystery.

Rock on Lizards! And Pat, I’ll be looking at the Camping World Series driver lists to see where else you might pop up!


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