If You Can’t Take the Heat…

Hey Pat,

Borrowed from capsfan1222's flickr page - awesome stuff!

Borrowed from capsfan1222's flickr page - awesome stuff!

First, congrats to you and Jorg on another big win! I got Jenn’s text message – love getting those updates, even when they are spoilers! We won’t be able to see the race until tomorrow due to tape-delayed broadcast. Major network coverage, though, that’s good!

So I was supposed to be at Road Atlanta all weekend. But I had to change that plan after getting way too wiped out Friday. We were very short handed and I ended up not really having time to take breaks in the AC from time to time. That was my planned coping strategy, and it just did not pan out. The effects of the heat snuck up on me, I’m afraid – that happens sometimes when I’m super busy. And I was having such a good time, lining up cars for the comp license school test & tunes and finally their mock race, which I got to grid up all by myself and send out. Loved it.

But then we crossed to the infield “pro” pit to grid & start the two-hour “endurance” race, and oh my lord, it was two hours of standing in the blazing hottest sun of the day with no protection. Our tent was pitched so that the shade fell to the wrong side of the wall, and we couldn’t really do anything about it. It positively fried me. I so enjoy working the endurance races – even the little ones. Most of the teams who do these are club racers testing the endurance racing waters, practicing pit stops, driver changes, fueling strategy, all that fun stuff. It’s so much fun to me to be right in the middle of all that. I had to study up on the rules, since it was our job to ensure that folks had the proper safety gear for the various circumstances, drivers and crew members.

But I realized too late that I was cooked, and good. I’ve been a long time getting it, but I got it now. No matter what I do to try and mitigate and keep up my hydration, I just cannot tolerate extreme heat. End of story. I made sure they were covered the rest of the weekend, talked to the volunteer coordinator about leaving, and I left to get cool, and then to drive back home.


I mean, I could have survived it, but given what Friday took out of me, I’d have been wiped after two more days. And I do have a full-time job I have to show up for on Monday, and it’s pretty intense. There were inside jobs I could have done to stay and earn my worker credits (free drive-time later!). But I have amassed lots of credits, and if I couldn’t be out with the cars and drivers, my time was better spent back at home, catching up on home and work stuff, preparing for some upcoming events, etc. I guess it comes down to acknowledging some limits on my energy, and prioritizing how I spend my time and energy. OK enough of that.

The good news is, I got my husband into the 911 this afternoon, and we went for a lovely drive and shared a fantastic meal. I still missed live coverage of the race, but I will get the replay on TV tomorrow for sure. I hooted when I got the text message! Can’t wait to see some creative and insightful overtaking tomorrow, among other things!

Five for five! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Fantastic!

Congrats again,


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