First NASCAR Win! Woo!

Hey Pat,

I’m up late folding laundry and puttering around, and I took a break here at the computer to see if I could find where you were today and how you came out. Well! I am so proud of you! WOOHOO! Winner of the Miller 125 in Toole today! You seem to have had quite the year in the Camping World series so far. I hated how it came out in the end, but I confess I got a kick out of you getting a penalty last time for ROUGH DRIVING. You have blown all their damned minds coming in there from the supposedly genteel world of road racing to the supposedly rough-and-tumble world of NASCAR. I thought you were in a Monte Carlo but I haven’t quite figured all this out yet. You were in a Ford today.

Well it’s crazy late but I was so jubilant to read of your first NASCAR victory today and I had to come bubble over here because, well, what am I gonna do, wake my husband squeeing, “PAT LONG WON AT MILLER TODAY!” Yeah not so much.

Anyway congratulations on ticking off a win in yet another column! Woohoooooooooooo!

Now when do we get to see that project car you teased us about earlier this year? And also, do I need to start surfing the SuperMoto sites to see if you are running on a bike also?



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