Sneaky Dibble!

Hey Pat,

My Irish granny often made references to the “dibble” as in DEVIL. As in, you don’t have any of these Camping World dates on the schedule on your website. You are not making it easy for crappy half-assed fans such as myself to keep up with you. That’s OK. Anything worth knowing is worth looking for. Or something. I’ve been surfing around the races on TV, but didn’t see you. Indycar will do nicely. Hey Indy is coming to Barber, and our community is so excited about it! I can’t wait. I’ll find a way to work the race, first one in Spring 2010 I believe. Awesome!

Finally got the 911 out today. I was a bad girl, and didn’t get out my tool bag and check my tire pressures or oil or anything. I just looked her over, got in, started up, and kept an eye and ear on things as she warmed up. I drove an hour to the town I just moved from to have my old hair guy cut my hair. Apparently it’s quite a different look – three people who know me well did not recognize me until I spoke to them. The drive was just great. I love my car! There was a nasty, slow construction zone on the interstated heading back home here, so I went a different route, and took a favorite twisty road through mining country. It was a beautiful day, and the road was fairly quiet. I had the best time!

So back at home, I’m checking in here and doing laundry, putting together a meal, with racing on TV in the background. Why looky here, I found this little headline, “Pat Long Fastest in NASCAR West series,” and if you did qualifying on the 31st, I am guessing you are running this weekend. Sneaky dibble! I’ll have to do some more digging around online to see exactly what’s up, where, and when. I love flipping on the TV and hearing NASCAR and “Pat Long” in the same sentence. My elitist car friends just shut their pie-holes when I tell them that one of the most accomplished and respected sports car drivers is piloting a big ole Monte Carlo in a NASCAR series. Seriously, I LOVE IT.

If you’re out this weekend, I hope you have an awesome time and a good race!



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