Hey Pat,

Well so far I am limited to online live timing and scoring which I found HERE. UPDATE: FOUND LIVE STREAMING HERE WOOHOO! A couple of hours in and you guys look to be running around 7th overall, and first in class? I can’t really tell. It’s maddening to have to dig so hard and deep to find the news. What would be completely awesome would be if you had somebody like FLMS Jenn to follow you around and issue live updates of your goings on, wherever you are. Jenn is so fantastic keeping the Flying Lizard fans absolutely up to date on the Lizards when they are out.

By the way, I am available to follow you around and provide this service to the rest of your fans. Just in case you were curious. Haha! I am only partly serious. I’m not sure how my husband would feel about me abandoning my secret agent gubmint job and taking off to follow a dashing young sports car driver around the world. Well I think if it made me happy (and paid the bills) he would be fine with it. I’m not exactly qualified to provide this service, but I’m a quick learner!

Obviously I’m not out driving today. Part of me wants to call My Real Driving Coach up and give him a dose of HEY MAN WHAT THE F***? HOW ABOUT A PHONE CALL? But that’s a knee-jerk reaction to the uncertainty. My Real Driving Coach has been so good to me, so generous in so many ways, that I just cannot jack him up over his poor communication when it comes to working with him. I can’t pretend to understand why he does this and while I am “used to it” working (or not working) this way, it continues to be really really……unpleasant. The thing is, the one time in ten that it actually comes together and we get out to do some work? SO WORTH ALL THE CRAP.

OK I’ve got live streaming of the race on my computer. Excellent! Hope it’s 24 hour coverage. And I see you have the rain you knew you’d run into at some point. Wow. This is gonna be great! GO #70 GO!!!!

So I slept in until 9:00 today and got some much-needed rest. I had a brutal week in terms of energy, and feel much better rested now.

Life calls, more later.



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