Spa Updates

Hey Pat,

At 18 hours in, 6 go to, #70 has moved up four spots overall to 16, and if I’m reading this correctly, you’re now #8 in class. And I am not sure I’m reading that correctly. Raymond is apparently doing an awesome job, working his way through the pack in the wee hours. Pat, I am betting you’ll be behind the wheel soon to bring it home? We’ll see! It’s 3am and I really need to catch a few winks. Still no coverage except a “live” timing & scoring page, but the live feed will be up soon. GO GO GO!

I checked in around 11 hours and you guys were around 25th overall, 10th in class, Narac at the wheel. Now, at around 15 hours, you’ve moved up to 20th and Pilet is at the wheel, still 10th in class. I think I see the plan here. Soon you’ll be back behind the wheel to do that thing you do so well, run the final stints and work your way through what’s ahead of you to the front. I hope the car is doing well. I can’t really tell during the coverage blackout. I did find one source where I was able to see what each team did on each lap. So for example, at around hr11, I saw for you, “241 70 fuel, tyres and driver (Narac).” And this at lap 266: 266 70 Timing Screen – In gravel at T8 and rejoins. “Timing Screen”? Gravel? Uh oh!

When I wake up in the morning, you’ll be in the final hours. I hope to see you hanging strong and pushing out front.

GO #70!


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