Looking Forward

Dear Pat,

Your latest column for SpeedTV.com was a great read. Party like a rock star in NYC and then off to Spa. The life you lead! Well you know I wish you all the best. You’re driving with your IMSA Matmut team, and I hope to hell I can find decent coverage of the festivities. You made that track sound fascinating. I love me some fog. Pronounced “fawg,” by the way.

Speaking of which, I’m on the road myself for a couple of days. I am not going to go into my top secret job here except to say that when I take a road trip, it’s to find people who do not want to be found, and to talk to people who don’t want to talk to me. So it was with great delight that I took a short detour today to visit a friend who lives out in the country. They have a little farm with chickens and turkeys and a couple of pigs. My excuse was I wanted to pick up a couple of dozen of their awesomely fresh eggs. Pronounced, “aigs,” by the way. So that was fun. Oh, and on the way home, I saw the most gorgeous sweet old Porsche 944. I ran with him for about twenty miles, and it was a total Porsche postcard as we crossed the river against the setting sun. Tomorrow, I have a full day, especially if I find everybody I think I have.

I did take my 911 out to the Porsche 250 at Barber on Sunday. I had walked down to the Porsche corral on Saturday and my PCA friends were all, “WHERE IS YOUR CAR, VROOMGRRL?” Seriously, they actually call me that. I told them the truth, it was a filthy mess in need of a bath, parked in my driveway in shame at home. They were not going to have that. They got me a corral pass for Sunday, so I went home early on Saturday and washed my car. Sunday, I enjoyed hanging out with the PCA folks, drooling over the hundred or so fantastic Porsches, and sitting under the trees with my AX buddies for a nice long while.

It was so beautiful all weekend, idyllic. It was great to have access to the VIP club area. I didn’t have to lug supplies around all day or set up camp anywhere. The food was good, and I saw lots of folks I don’t see often, so that was great. Jeff P is still dogging me to sign up for a PSDS session, and I am too embarrassed to admit to him that I just do not have the money. Awkward? A bit! Oh and I saw Hurley, he always remembers me from my visits to the school and greets me like an old friend.

Oh yeah, and the racing was pretty good too! Ha! The 250 went down to the last lap, and it was an exciting finish. Which I confess I watched on TV at home. I’d been out there most of the weekend, and I needed to get ready for my busy week, which included facilitating a training for my peers on a very complicated subject, along with the usual craziness of my work. Plus I have two parties coming up at our new house, which is forcing me to really get some stuff finished. It’s looking and feeling more like “home” every day. If I’ve learned anything in my 48 years, it’s that balance is a good thing. So I had to cut my day at the track short to keep everything else from flying out of whack, alas.

Of course I made a goofy video!

I have really been looking forward to driving this weekend, but also trying not to get too wound up about it, as odds are it won’t happen. I haven’t heard from My Real Driving Coach this week, no reply to my email sent last night. I thought they had a couple of school sessions this week, but I don’t see them on the schedule. So I’m not sure what’s going on. I saw him out at Barber last weekend and he was all about telling everybody we were going out to TGPR this Saturday and inviting them to come out and join us. But the signs, they are not looking so good, being as it’s Thursday night, and I haven’t heard a peep. If it’s going to happen, he’ll call me tomorrow night and be all, “What! OF COURSE we’re going!” Hahaha! Let’s hope it works out. I am itching to work!

Ever the optimist, I’m working my head closer to the right place to drive on Saturday. I really suffered the one track weekend I drove when I just threw myself out there with no mental preparation whatsoever. I enjoy it so much more when I’m centered on what I’m doing when I get out there. There are plenty of videos of this track, and I’ve been watching some laps, studying the map, and going around the track in my head. It’s a small, fairly simple track. No elevation changes. In fact, you can see every bit of the track from anywhere on it, pretty much. It was the very first track I drove on, and it’s still got plenty to teach me.

Well it’s stupidly late. I guess drinking an espresso at midnight wasn’t the best idea. I’m going to go read up on your race this weekend and find out how I can watch or listen. You said you’ve never won at Spa. I hope this is YOUR weekend, Pat!

Drive purty!


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