All Signs Point to…Who Knows!

Dear Patrick,

I’ve located some online timing and scoring for Spa and if I am reading things correctly, looks like you guys qualified at #15 in your #70 IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche? If I can find any live coverage, or streaming coverage, I’ll be tuned in! Assuming I am not out on the track myself. When I talked to My Real Driving Coach this afternoon to see if we were going out tomorrow, I got a great big “I don’t know, I’ll check some things and let you know.” Nearly 11pm, I guess I can assume we are off.

And let me just say this whole process with My Real Driving Coach makes me feel like a 2nd grader tugging on teacher’s apron strings. I know he doesn’t think about how his way of doing things works beyond himself, but it kind of sucks from here, and is a bit humiliating in the end. I’m OK with a Saturday off. But I’d rather be driving!


You, sir, have a race to win tomorrow. I read back through the history of Spa and all the winners since 1964. Porsche has had some good runs, best back in the 60’s-70’s until BMW started its reign. Then again with the 996. I’ll be so happy to hear that you’ve taken this one.

Wishing you 24 hours of awesomeness!


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