Beautiful Day at Barber

Hi Pat,

Wow what a great day you had! I did not see one second of your race – but was so glad to receive Jenn’s Flying Lizard News text message that you guys had won. Woohoo! Congrats – again!

I got the news as I was driving home from Barber. We have unusually mild weather for July, and it could not have made for a more gorgeous day to be at the track. The TRG car that was looking for a driver did some team reconfiguring and all their cars ran today. Not sure how they did in qualifying or anything. I tried my damnedest to hook my buddy Skeen up with them to get into that car. Turns out it was a very expensive proposition for an already underfunded privateer like Mike. But he took it and ran and did everything he could to try and put something together in the short time available. It would have been soooo cool to see him out there in a big race like this. He’ll get there.

So I saw My Real Driving Coach today, too. I got to meet his wife and son, and that was great. He always talks about them, and nine times out of ten, when our plans to work together don’t pan out, it’s because he’s taking time to be with his wife and son. He is still talking about going out next weekend…and! He says we’re getting medical out there, which means…wheee! It’ll cost me, but it’ll be so, so worth it. I can’t wait to get out and take some time to focus. I love working with him, and I’m dying to get some feedback from him, and remind myself how to use the brakes like a race car driver.

Tomorrow it’s back out to Barber. I have the royal hookup for the weekend, with VIP this and Special that. Thanks to My Real Driving Coach. I’ve got friends to hang out with but I’ll have to find them in the crowd. Oh and I finally (finally!) washed the 911 today, and my racing team sticker finally made it to me. I may actually fire her up and take her out to see all the other pretty cars tomorrow.

Let’s see. If I were you and I’d won a big race yesterday, I’d be wanting to kick back today, maybe get out and play in the water somewhere, spend some time with family and friends. For all I know you are in transit to your next big thing. However you do it, I know you must be savoring another win and honing your focus on the next race.

Congrats! Now – back to Barber in the morning for me!

Soaking it up,


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