Racer Wanted

Hi Pat,

Well I finally looked at the schedule and it looks like Lime Rock for you this weekend. I hope you have a great go of it! Loved your columns post-LeMans, by the way. While I am probably the worst fan ever for keeping up and showing up, I think I may still be your biggest fan because I am truly fanatical in my admiration for your accomplishments and your approach to things. And if I had anything near the talent and skill required to do so, I would seek to emulate you as a driver.

Moving on…

I got an email today, a team is looking for a driver for the Porsche 250 this weekend. Know anybody? “Jason Myers, TRG, is seeking a funded Co-Driver to share the TRG/AXA 66 Porsche with Spencer Pumpelly at Barber Motorsports park this weekend. Ride comes with partial sponsorship dollars in place.” Contact info deleted to avoid spam. But that should be enough info to make contact, or if not, I can provide additional info – just drop me a comment with your email.

And speaking of email, I shot an email to Thomas Blam last weekend because I was going to be in Atlanta for the first time in forever, and he’d encouraged me to come by the shop on a visit over that way. I didn’t even look at schedules to see where he might be, and I never heard back, so he was probably already in California doing prep for the coming weekend. Plus I am pretty sure they’re closed on the weekend. DOH. See above re: “worst fan.” Hey, it was worth a shot. You never know! But…no go.

I’m still crossing my fingers about getting together with My Real Driving Coach next Saturday. Between now and then, I have company coming. I think! I’ve not heard from them. I’ll have to check their damned facebook pages to see what they’re up to. I HATE FACEBOOK by the way. And Twitter. So there. Alright so anyway I have been busting my hump to get the house ready for our first guests, and thanks to many, many long late nights, I am actually there! I’m 99% out of boxes, and things are generally where they need to be. It felt so good to come down the stairs this morning and to see order instead of chaos! I’ll post pictures soon.

I’m excited about this weekend! Good friends, gorgeous cars, and Barber, my beautiful home track. I’m sure they’ll have your race on TV somewhere at Barber this weekend – I’ll do my best to keep up with you.

Drive purty!!


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