One Headlight

Hi Pat,

Well I said it would be quiet for me and car stuff and it has been! But I have a few things coming up. First is the Rolex 250 at Barber a week from this weekend. My pit & grid boss with NASA-SE is coming to spend the weekend here, along with his girlfriend, a producer for SpeedTV. They are great folks, good friends, total car nuts, and I’m looking forward to our first houseguests, and to a weekend at one of my favorite places anywhere.

Then on the last weekend of the month, rumor has it that My Real Driving Coach and I are going to do some work. I hate to really plan on these things because most of the time they seem to fall through for one reason or another. But what the hell, I’m psyched, and I just hope it comes together. A nice, long morning at a small local track, just me, My Real Driving Coach, and my car. Vroom! Or more likely, SCREEEECH! Since I’ll be working on braking. Ha!

So My Real Driving Coach tells me he’s had some conversation with you. I can’t wait to hear about that. He made fun of me way back for being a devoted fan of yours, but he’s actually become something of a fan of yours himself. JB is an awesome guy, with seriously great energy about him. I get the feeling he’s destined for big things, and I know he feels that, too. He has worked hard to get where he is, and he has big dreams. I just feel blessed to call him a friend, and to be the beneficiary of some of his time when we get to work together.

So that’s it for a quick update. Oh wait. The entry title! My daily driver, a Honda CR-V, has a headlight out and I hate to drive at night because of that. Not because I can’t see, but because I’m afraid I’ll get a ticket. So far so good, but I really need to fix that. And also I need new brakes and rotors. Eek. It’s always something isn’t it?

The hits to this site have pretty much flatlined! Oh well. I have no clue who you are out there reading, but sorry I’ve been so spotty lately. Chime in with a comment and say hello, why don’t you, whoever you are?



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