Photos from Last Week at Barber

Dear Pat,

My friend Lori is a corner worker-turned-photographer. She was out at Barber last weekend, and she got some nice shots of me in my #41. Once I get them on CD from her I can post them myself, but they’re available for viewing now if you CLICK HERE.

No car stuff this weekend. Much as I miss it, especially my NASA-SE friends whom I am hardly seeing at all this season, this weekend will be devoted to unpacking and setting up the house. Especially since I spent our first weekend in the house at Barber! We couldn’t really get unpacked last weekend anyway. I had to get some helpers out here to get some big things moved from upstairs to down, and front porch to back, and we didn’t get that finished until today. First thing tomorrow, I’m heading out to Sam’s to pick up the commercial kitchen shelving and cabinet I’m setting up in the mudroom behind the teeny tiny wee kitchen. I can get the heavy boxes loaded into the SUV at Sam’s, and I’ve lined up help to get the boxes into the house in the morning.

Then I’ll have to put them together. Wish me luck on that! And also with getting the massive mountain of boxed-up kitchen stuff all crammed into the new storage space. Whee! Wild times! Ha!

We are finally settling in. My poor 911 hasn’t even been started since last Monday when I moved it in the driveway. I think I am going to get a pop-up garage as a temporary solution for the 911, by the way. It’ll be awhile before I can turn the under-deck space into a proper carport, and the interior of the car is in such good shape, I don’t want to leave it baking in the sun and mess that up. Parking under the deck is not the best solution right now either. Unless I modify the pop-up to fit under the deck, which is not a bad idea, actually. We shall see!

Meanwhile I’m still flying high from last weekend at Barber. It was such a positive experience. I learned so, so much and enjoyed it so thoroughly. As totally involving as driving is, it is the perfect balance for all the big pulls in life from other things. And I made a bunch of great new friends and spent some good time with old ones. I’m eager as hell to get out and do some focused work on braking now. I’m going to stay on JB about it and hopefully within the next few weeks we’ll eek out a few hours to devote to that.

I’m enjoying the new set-up out here on the back deck under the gazebo. The dogs are at my feet, finally settling into their new hangouts, too.

Life is good!


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