Right Round, Baby

Hey Patrick,

It’s been quite the week around these parts. We got moved out of our old house, our stuff went to storage, our pets are at the sitter’s, and we are in our temporary apartment. We love our new city and are happy to be living here, even in this rather ghetto little short-stay apartment, until we close on the awesome new house in a week or so. Yay for all that!

In the Boo! department, I was involved in a rather spectacular car accident Thursday and totaled my husband’s car. Nobody was hurt, not even a scratch. OK well that’s not quite accurate. In hindsight, it’s been determined that I had a mild concussion. I didn’t get a ticket, and I’m not really sure what happened, though I have an idea – which is quite different from what the driver of the great big nationally-branded delivery truck described. I ended up spun 180 degrees and squished into a parked car, which was probably also totaled, or close to it. And it would probably be stupid to write any more about it on the internets at this point (email me for the gory details) We’ll just leave it there.

My husband and I felt like the Clampets, unloading the odd pile of crap from the wrecked Camry into the CR-V, which was already pretty full of crap. Pair of shoes, pillow, bucket with laundry detergent, picture frame, and spare 911 window glass. Not broken! W00t! We got all the crap shifted and the car was hauled off. Then it was off to get me a rental car, and we both finished the work day. Now, every cloud has a silver lining – hubby got the insurance settlement check Friday and we get to go car shopping! Whee! There should be some good sales over Memorial Day weekend.

I visited my 911 Friday. I’d left it at the shop to get the half-assed oil change issue straight and a few other things taken care of. And they’ve kindly let it just hang around there for a while. I do have a place to take while we are in limbo, but if I get it over to this temporary home, then it’ll be a pain to retrieve it for next weekend. I am still hoping to drive the NASA HPDE at Barber next weekend, so I am going to leave at the shop a bit longer and have them do my tech next week. If the timing works out right, I can pick it up and take it straight out to the track. I’m almost afraid to do this DE weekend – I feel so rusty. And NASA tends to mix novice and intermediate run groups pretty early on. But mostly I’m eager to get into my driving duds and get out there and fly for a bit.

This month’s Panorama has a really nice feature on Bob Carlson, and a nice photo of the two of you. I didn’t realize his memorial service was held at Philips Arena. Wow. According to the article, his wife has joined Peachstate PCA and plans to run Bob’s Boxster in club events. I love that.

All of the above was written in bits and pieces over the past few days. Now it’s Memorial Day. I’ve been feeling kind of unsettled behind the wheel. Not frightened, but…how to explain it. Not confident. I keep replaying the accident over in my head. What if it was my fault? How do I keep from repeating my mistake if I don’t know what it was? I’m pretty methodical about driving, and every time I go to change lanes, I hesitate, because I did it exactly like this last Thursday and then screeech-BAM!

That said, I got right back into a car and drove within hours of the accident, and I’ve been driving all over the place with no real problems. In fact, I was driving home from work on Friday and it had been raining. The roads were slick, and I was being super-cautious in an unfamiliar car with very sticky brakes. Some bozo pulled out of a shopping center right in front of me, forcing me to take evasive action – with a quick lane change to the right, I was able to sneak around his rear end. Otherwise I’d have t-boned him. As smooth as I attempted to be, I hit some standing water, and the car slid right a little. I got it straight with no problem. And that seems like a pretty good indicator that my instincts are reliable. Still, my sense of confidence is bruised. I worry that I can’t trust myself to not make a(nother?) stupid mistake that’ll put me into a wall. On the other hand, I’m afraid that if I don’t go out next weekend, I’ll be making way more of the whole thing than I need to. And missing a big ball of fun, and for what? Fear? Bleah.

Moving on – we did the car-shopping and my husband chose a 98 CR-V for his replacement car. We returned the rental, and now I’m back in my 04 CR-V. I’m going to pick up my 911 on Wednesday and get in a little seat time before taking her out to Barber this weekend.

I think!

I looked for your name in the Camping World rosters for the weekend – didn’t see you in the East. Maybe you were out west? Or taking a weekend off? I wonder when you head for France?

Wherever you are, happy trails!



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