Lizards Do It Again!

Hey Patrick,

I made my way to my home-office in time to catch the start of today’s race on Radio LeMans. Sounded like a rough one! By the time the race was over, I was hefting my 12-string guitar up three stories in the house of our neightbors-to-be for safekeeping until we close on the house next door and get moved in. They were so kind to offer to hold our art and musical instruments until we can get in there. So as I was hauling stuff, I heard my cell phone jingle that I had a text message. There it was – “Spoiler Aert! Lizard News: No. 45 wins in GT2 at the Utah Grand Prix. No. 44 is sixth…” I let out a hoot, then had to explain myself, which I was happy to do, because this led to me talking about my own car. And we all know how much I love talking about my car!

Oh yeah. The race! So wehad to make two round trips from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham today, the first to move our pets to their temporary home, and the second to move the art and instruments to theirs. But we managed to finish all our running time for me to get back here and fire up the TV to catch the replay, which I’m watching now. I’m so glad it’s on to keep me company while I work. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed at all that remains to be done. Just watching gives me a little adrenaline boost, and this stiff espresso is doing the rest of the job. Once the race is over, I’ve got to get out to the garage and pack up all my Porsche parts. I’m still trying to figure out how to transport my spare window glass and a few other large items. I’ll figure it out.

You are having much more fun today! You guys looked awesome. In the driver intros they played before the start of the race, Joerg was smiling and casual, and you were so serious! Like good cop/bad cop. They just played a little feature that showed you on a bike, not sure which type, SuperMoto? They showed photos of you as a little boy in a kart – so cute! I take it, from what you said, that even in peak physical condition, you really feel it when you drive something different from what you’re used to.

Hate to cut this “short” but I’m not getting anything done will here with all the multi-tasking. Time to shut this down and focus. As soon as the race is over, it’s out to the garage for me. I have one more day to finish packing up this house, and then we’re outta here. Hopefully we’ll just be a couple of weeks in our temporary apartment, and then we will be reunited with our stuff and our animals at the new place. Which is just minutes from my autocross track, and from Barber. Will I make it to my DE the last weekend of this month? I’m still holding my slot, hoping I can work it out. Which reminds me – better keep the track stuff handy when I pack up the garage.

Congrats on an awesome race today!

As ever,


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