Any Minute Now…

Hi Pat,

Any minute now there’s going to be a knock at my door. My husband will want to know what I’m doing sitting here at the computer when there’s so much to be done. Truth be told, I’m worn out, and taking a break here at the keyboard. I’ll be back at it soon enough. We are engaging in that all-American endeavor known as the GARAGE SALE tomorrow. God help me, people better come and buy every bit of this crap, because we are moving out Tuesday and we need to be cleared out of here. I’d invite you to our exciting garage sale, but you’re a little busy this weekend. Once again, I’ll be busy when the race is underway, and I won’t be able to catch the tape-delayed broadcast either. Moving, moving, and moving. While you are driving Miller, I will be hauling our art to a friend’s house for safekeeping until we can get into our new place. And taking the critters to their temporary accommodations. Busy Sunday all around.

There’s a nice interview with you in the Salt Lake Tribune. I love what you say about how relatively safe you feel on the track as compared to driving the 405. I can so believe that! I joke with my racing friends all the time that I feel like putting on my helmet before getting into metro-Atlanta traffic. And that I feel much safer on the track because you can be sure nobody is on the phone, punching iPod buttons, eating a burger, or anything else but being totally focused on driving.

Today I took my car to the shop to have them redo the half-assed second part of my oil change that I did with my friend, leaving out the crush washer. I do have a little leak back there because of it, so I’ll feel better knowing it’s all put back together properly. They’re going to fix my ebrake shoe also – either that or the ebrake sheild is making the most annoying scraping sound in my driver’s side rear wheel. It felt so, so good to drive my 911. It was a gorgeous day, and once she was warmed up, I laid into it good. I left extra early this morning, so I had lots of open road. Which I used with the ultimate discretion, I assure you (coughcoughcough).

I guess my break is over. Can I interest you in a lovely shower curtain? Chain saw? Cigar box? Two-ton television?

If I don’t get back here, I will be with you in spirit Sunday. Give ’em hell and show ’em how it’s done, my friend. I’ll look for the good news in the recap after. Goooooooooooooo Lizards!!!

Drive purty!


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