Reeling It In

Heya Pat,

It’s been such a crazy week. I’ve been enjoying your updates at your PCA blog, your website, and SpeedTV (links to the right). Your PCA blog, especially, got me thinking about several things, most of which I will not have time to get into today.

One theme that resounds through your writings and interviews is the importance of the team. You seem to have a great fit with the organizations you’ve aligned yourself with. You have succeeded at surrounding yourself with people who manage to make each other better when their efforts are combined. That is so awesome. You seek out people who will challenge you to greater heights, and because of your own special qualities, they seek you out. The combination, when it works, can result in fantastic accomplishment. You and your teammates in all directions are such a great illustration of this principle.

The roughest part of my week involved my “day job” which I can’t go into any detail about here. But I think I can communicate something about the concept of The Team, anyway. My work definitely involves a team. I guess the best way to analogize what happened is to say that I am my team captain, and I have an owner I answer to. The team did an awesome job and won a big victory last week! No need to go out of town for a week. Yay! End of a 10 year conflict – Yay! But the owner didn’t like the way it went down, and sent me back to basically “forfeit.” This left everybody scratching their heads, and my reputation with them a bit damaged (those who really know me knew what went down – the rest just think I’m a flake). The teams actually went over my owner’s head, and got their win approved by the next level up. This left my owner even more angry with me because he didn’t get what he wanted.

What should have been a top-of-the-podium moment became a difficult exercise in humility. Instead of the usual cheers on my triumphant return to the office? ….crickets. The ultimate ending is up in the air until Tuesday. And I have to say, I am really struggling at my core, wondering what the hell I’m working so hard for when something like this can happen. I do not understand my owner totally sabotaging me and actively attempting to make a fool of me, and pissing off his whole league, never mind just his own team. It certainly doesn’t make him look good! Perhaps time will reveal the sense in it. Maybe it will have its happy ending on Tuesday and my reputation, and my perfect win record, will be restored. For now, I am really pretty bent about it.

Meanwhile, Tim Tuttle at Sports Illustrated online says you want to be racing’s Renaissance Man. My favorite thing about this article is that it gives a great overview of your non-Lizard/non-Porsche schedule for the summer. I need to read all the NASCAR rags to keep up with you – I had no idea you were confused with one of the other drivers who got into a tussle after your last Camping World Series race. Hee!

Sometime in the next 2-3 days, my 911 is going into temporary storage in a friend’s garage near our new house. We worked out a good deal on a new house in Bham, and we’re so excited about living there. But we are down to the wire here, hoping to get a closing date on the new house that is close enough to our move-out date here that we won’t have to put ourselves and our stuff and our animals into temporary housing. I’m still holding May 30-31 open for the NASA-SE HPDE weekend at Barber I’m signed up for. I would really like to do that. But I’m also afraid that after these weeks with no seat-time, I’ll feel like I’m starting over. There are a couple of things I’d like to do in June. And I’m keeping the day of the Legends class clear on my calendar. By then I’ll be in my new house in Birmingham, only 20 minutes from Barber.

The construction has started on the lots we sold along with our house. It’s been so sad to see all the trees go. We are surrounded by boxes, and despite what I said last time, I have found myself longing for a fast-forward button! We’re so happy about the new place, and can’t wait to get there.

Be well, drive purty!


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