Hey Pat,

You signed your SpeedTV column “Pat” so I guess that’s what you go by? We’ll go with it. It was fun to read about your visit to Oakley. I can see why you are so taken with them. That tank is a most unusual marketing vehicle, to say the least. It sounds like you had a blast seeing friends, and what a scream to be tank commander for a day! I’m not a big purchaser of athletic equipment, but I have always wanted a pair of Oakley shades, and knowing a little more about them and their culture, I will have to make that my next driving-related purchase. I’ll be in the big city in a few days – I doubt I’d find them in my pretty small town.

It’s weird to be writing letters to my “imaginary driving coach” when I’m not really doing anything driving-related lately. Except longing! Oh how I miss my car! She’s right in the garage of course. I guess I just miss the indulgence of time to drive, weekends at the track, afternoons spent puttering in the garage with my little Porsche projects. Was it just a couple of weeks ago I was a normal person with time for a hobby?

Well as crazy as things were when last I wrote, they have become even crazier. I was right, I think, in the conclusion I reached at the end of my last note: my lesson right now is to survive and in this state of complete imbalance. My work is so completely intense right now – I love it, but it’s scary. The whole house buying thing has really been around the bend and back. The seller of house #2 flaked, and that deal totally tanked. I think we’re back to the first house we had an offer on weeks ago. Long story, not worth repeating. I should probably never speak another word about it until we are in a house somewhere with our stuff and our animals. Every time I think I have a bit of it pinned down, it all blows up like a jigsaw puzzle, pieces flying everywhere. But then it reforms in ways I couldn’t plan, too, so who the hell knows?

I’ll tell you this. I had planned to drive a full autocross season, and at this point, I’ve missed two of the first three points events. The novice class I started with is getting faster and better and I am just so stalled out. No way I can get back out there until June at best, maybe July. I can’t stand seeing them pile up the points, as my name drops closer and closer to the bottom of the standings with each passing event. Sniff!

Hahaha OK it’s not all that bad. I’m 47 going on 12 and I’m feeling like an impatient brat. I have to work, but I’d so much rather be playing! Soon enough all the craziness will be behind me, and I’ll be back behind the wheel of my sweet 911, hair flying out the open window, breathing in that air-cooled goodness.

In the meantime, I”ll be keeping an eye on you and the Lizards. Is Utah this weekend? I think it is. I’m not sure what my weekend will be like, but with any luck, I’ll catch some racing. Good luck, whatever you’re up to!



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