The Web Knows it All

Hey Patrick,

Well I finally figured it out. I couldn’t imagine you wouldn’t be behind the wheel at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. SPEEDTV tells me that you will be piloting the #76 IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 911 GT3 RSR with Patrick Pilet and Raymond Narac. W00t! I don’t know why the SpeedTV article was so hard to find, but I ended up reading several press releases  on French websites before I worked my way down to this one in English.

The latest update to your website has me curious about all your other stuff. There’s a photo up there now which I assume is you on a Supermoto bike – wearing #45. Lucky number? You in the Aasco Racing Monte Carlo, and you with a tank. That had to be some fun! You are such a tease with the bit about select off-weekends when you’ll be doing some of the Camping World East and West series races. They’re not on your website’s calendar, so I guess I will have to wear out my Googler figuring out where you are and when. OK, now I sound like a stalker, don’t I?

Man I miss my car. I had to move it out of the garage today, and I was so close to just continuing out of the driveway and taking off for a drive.  However that would have left my husband standing there in the garage waiting for me to come help him move the stuff we couldn’t fit by the 911 when it was in its usual garage spot. Still, I was tempted!

crush washers

crush washers

However, I probably ought not run it too far or long until I straighten out the bit of a mess I made when we did my oil change last weekend. We didn’t put a crush washer back on the plug at the sump, and when I moved the car today, I saw that I had a small leak – right under that spot. I was afraid that would happen. I even stopped at the shop on my way home Friday and got a few crush washers. And asked if I’d have to dump all my oil to put the damned thing on. Since this plug is under the smaller oil pan, I’ll only lose about 4 quarts, but there’s no way to avoid losing them when I take that plug off to put the doggone washer where it belongs. I may just take the car to the shop next week and let them fix that up for me, and torque both plugs down properly, which I don’t think we did quite well enough.

So here’s a question for you. Do you ever get completely overwhelmed? You do some high-stress stuff, and your schedule has to be insane. Do things ever feel like they’re trying to get away from you? I am in the midst of a great big bunch of overwhelming stuff, to the extent that I’m having trouble settling in to sleep at night. This is unusual for me. I know that the key to handling life at its extremes is balance. When things got so bad around this time last year with my father’s hospital nightmare, I put this concept to the test, and took my first ride at speed in a GT3 around Barber (Hurley! Haywood!). I called it Porsche Therapy, and by God, it worked.

But it’s much different this time, and as I type these words, I’m a little freaked out by the fact that my current stresses are proving harder to handle than my father’s illness and death. That doesn’t seem right. But there you are. For one thing, there’s my job. Big stuff, stupid conflict, stupid big stress, way more than it should be. But it is what it is.

This would have been quite enough, thankyouverymuch, but as of two days ago I was told I’d have to do some travel for work, when I was scheduled to be around home for the next several weeks. The logistics of working out of town when I need to be at home at night preparing to move are making my head explode. To “help” me, my bo$$es assigned me a helper. Come to find out, I am “training” her. That is not what I call help, as it doubles the time to do nearly everything, having to explain every bit of it to my trainee, who has never done this before. With an experienced “helper,” we’d just divide up the work and go at it. Don’t get me wrong. I love sharing the love! I’m a teacher by nature. It’s just not…”helpful” given my already massive workload.

So here I sit, typing this note. Talk about helpful!

Well actually it is helpful. Digging around the racing websites has been a nice distraction, as has typing this note. I know I will survive the next couple of weeks. I can’t quite imagine how, but I know I will. I fully intend to kick the a$$es of my opponents with their dozen or so $ilk $tocking lawy3rs, and to come out of that adding one to my win column (15-1, baby!). And I will get this place packed up, and my car moved to its temporary home, and my critters boarded, and everything and everybody finally set up together in our great new place. 

Balance, however, eludes me. I have zero control over the work part. It is what it is, and I’m pretty much on my own, and I am under a tremendous amount of pressure to do it, and do it well . I have zero control over the home stuff, too. Our house sold when it did, we found another place when we did, and we have to pack and move. Now. Normally I would find my balance in the gym and at the track. But between the demands on my time from work and home, I am lucky to get five hours of sleep per night, never mind time in the gym or at the track. My physical activity is all about hauling boxes and furniture, and walking the dogs. I’ve actually tried to set up a ride out at the Porsche school for a little shot of Porsche Therapy, but even they have been too busy to accommodate me as a hot lap tag-along.

So I’m not sure how to go at the balance part this time around. I’m beginning to think that my lesson here is in accepting this state of imbalance, and learning how to live with it for a while.  I’m tempted to look for the fast-forward button and just get to the other side of it all! But where’s the lesson in that?

Be well, take care, and as I like to say, “Drive Purty!”


P.S. I posted this, then flipped on the television to SpeedTV, and there you are! You’re driving the 03 Monte Carlo at Tri-County racetrack in Hudson, NC. You’re on lap 95, and you’re currently battling for 7th place. It’s 3 in the morning, so I have no clue when this race took place, probably earlier today. The commentators say you’ve been top ten all day. GO PATRICK GO!!!

P.P.S. Well I was only a week behind! The race was last weekend, and you came in fifth. WAY TO GO!!!!


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