2009 24 Hours of Le Mans: A Great Big WTF???

Hey Patrick,

I just got the Flying Lizard newsletter on the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans and all I can say is WTF??? You are not in the driver line-up! I imagine there are a host of reasons for this, and I look forward to finding out what they might be. Schedule conflict? New guy on the team? You lost the coin-toss? You stepped back to give one of the drivers who’s never driven it a chance to experience Le Mans? Guess I’ll have to be patient and see what filters out to the world about it, if anything.

In the meantime, I am one big bag of WHAT THE FUCK over here. Just…wow.

I’d really be curious to know how you feel about the decision, whether you had any part in it, how all that went down. I know as a “team player” your public comments will be nothing but laudatory concerning your teammates. And rightly so – you are on a team with some of the best drivers in the world and you are all awesome. Will you be going along to Le Mans with the team? I really don’t know how these things work. If it’s like all team sports, the whole team goes whether you’re first string or not, and you never know, you may be called in from the bench, right? 24 hours is a long damned time to race and so many things can happen. I guess I just don’t understand how it all goes in the racing world, and whether this is a big deal to you, to anybody. As your biggest fan, of course, it is a big deal to me.

Well I hope you are happy and well, and up to all sorts of good things. I look forward to hearing about them!

Sincerely (WTF?????),


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