According to Plan

Hi Patrick,

I just got back from a little runaround in my 911, the point of which was to warm it up a bit in advance of my oil change this afternoon. However, I gave myself over to temptation, and once it was properly warmed, I ran it hard. I love 2nd and 3rd gears in my car! It’s a warm, beautiful day, and I’d been cooped up way too long. It felt good! Now, though, I’m having to let the car cool down before I take it to my friend’s house.

So in that example, I did not stick to my “race plan”! But overall for the weekend, I’ve not done too badly. I had a couple of goals related to packing up the house, and a couple of goals for work stuff. I’m a little behind at the work stuff, but I’m close enough. The packing stuff was the real bear, and I’ve hit my marks there. My husband has, too, and together, we’re getting somewhere with it all.

My phone rang at 7:00 this morning. I didn’t pick it up, but later, got the voicemail, “Where ARE you???” It was one of my autocross buddies who didn’t get the message that I’m in moving mode until June. He was standing in the paddock wondering where the hell I was, having gotten it in his head that he was going to drive my car today. Sorry buddy! This will sound so goofy, I’m afraid, but my eyes welled up at the sounds I heard in the background, all the engine noise and chatter and my hilarious friend being a smart-ass testing the PA system. Le sigh!

I’m due to head over to my nearby friend’s at 4:00 for my oil change. He needs a name. Let’s call him Monk. I knew I needed more than oil to do the job, but had not thought any further than that. As much as I have obsessed about this, do you think I managed to get the oil filter I need before the big day? DOH. Lucky for me, Monk has the filter I need. It took me two stops, but I now have enough oil to do the job. I’ll probably make a goofy video of the whole thing which I’ll link to here later.

These are some crazy days. I can’t quite see how it’s all going to work out, while I am confident that it will. I keep focusing on the long chats my husband and I had sitting on the front porch, weaving our dreams of life together, getting him out of his failing business, selling his house, selling this house and finding one in Birmingham, and a great new job for him. Each of these things has had its difficulties, but all along the way, I’ve seen how the immediate inconveniences are simply the cost of making the big changes we want to make. We made a plan together, and we’re ticking off the steps one by one on the way to our destination. These are the hard times right now, but we’re on the path to the place we dreamed of for ourselves. That makes it all worth it. Sorry if I’m repeating stuff I’ve written already. I guess I need to keep reminding myself!

It’s good to have a plan.

Edited to Add: At 4:00 I called Monk, and he was watching the NASCAR race, which was soon to end. I flipped it on, and I must be really wigging, because when I saw Carl Edwards lose the lead in a spectacular flip, then get out of his burning car and walk across the finish line, I got all teary. Again! What’s up with that? After that, the oil change happened, and it was fun! Of course, there’s a video…



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