Great Photos from Long Beach

Patrick Long celebrating victory at Long Beach. Photo by Max Fahrer

Patrick Long celebrating victory at Long Beach. Photo by Max Fahrer

Hi Patrick,

I am up too late trying to wind down, obsessively cruising the web looking at homes for sale. In a few weeks we will be homeless! Gonna have to move into temporary quarters in three weeks when we have to vacate the house we’ve sold. It’s hard to find what we want in the area we want, but we could not let the opportunity to sell this place with a good deal pass. We made an offer on a great old place, and for a few brief moments it looked like it was all going to fall into place. Alas, the inspection proved that it was as “too good to be true” as we were afraid it might be (way too good a price for what it looked like we were getting). Plus, we couldn’t put even a carport in the back (zoning). Must have shelter for my baby.

So yes, in a way, I am hanging up the whole thing OVER MY PORSCHE. Go figure. Ha! Did I mention that I was a nut? I’m thinking you might understand about the garage. I hope so. Or maybe I am just a nut!

Anyway, I’m wired. Obviously.

The reason for this post: One of the members over at the forums of Pelican Parts has posted a brilliant set of photos and video clips on his page. Great detail shots of the cars, and there are some nice shots of you! I don’t know you personally so it’s hard to tell if a photo really captures you. The one above was really nice, I thought. Here’s the whole slideshow – definitely worth a look. I can’t figure out how to embed it here, and the error messages resulting from my repeated attempts are making me want to punch my computer. Must get to bed. CLICK HERE for the slideshow. Awesome!



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