Pat’s Paddington Stare

Hey Patrick,

This is old news now, very old since you’ve won. But I just saw the video from qualifying Friday. I don’t think I like the PrimeTime car anymore. Chris Hall, I didn’t see him be a screwball today. But Joel Feinberg? Eek. The video has really fantastic coverage of you, Pat, following you for entire laps as you were ripping them off faster and faster – for a while, fastest. Watching this, just the GTs running against each other, it really looked like the competition was firing all of the drivers up. Watching you carve your way around that fountain turn? and the hairpin? WOW. Fantastic. And some in-car video with you behind the wheel at around 23:30.

Oh man. Joel Feinberg – hmm. “Any chance for a pole for the Lizards has just gone out the window…” You went out that last time to try to have another chance at the pole, and wtf? Joel! Oh. But wait. I seem to recall him saying in a recent article that he wanted to hit you after something he felt you did to him in a previous race (Sebring 2007?). The commentators say Joel had no way to challenge for the front, and he should have yielded to you.

They are playing it like he just didn’t see you. But unless he had his head up his ass, how could he not? As they say at the end, on the off-chance that he really didn’t see you, surely his entire team would have been yelling in his ear to get out of your way. You have a bent tail pipe from a little bump. They’re saying you gave him the “Paddington Stare”! Ha! Oh and they show in-car of you as you pull up beside him you glare out the passenger window at him – and your eyes look directly into the camera. Your eyes were so angry! And rightfully so. Oops. Got called to Race Control.

I’m not much of a techie, but I managed to capture this for posterity – the full force of your Paddington Stare!


Pat's Paddington Stare

Look at that furrowed brow! I bet your mouth was moving, too. Too bad I missed the team radio during qualifying! Ha! Ok well anyway – I’m outta here. Much to do. Qualifying is old news now. You beat the crap out of him, and everybody else. So there!

Guess I’ll have to search out race video – I’m going to have to miss the race replay on TV because we have to go to the new place and meet some people and take care of some things. Gotta do what we gotta do!

Again, congrats. You and the Lizards are looking great!!



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