Dear Patrick,

Thanks to distance and time zones, I was able to sleep in until 8:30 and be up in plenty of time to catch the live feed of the FIFTEEN MINUTE WARM-UP from Long Beach courtesy of Flying Lizard team radio broadcast. At 9:30 central, I sat down and fired it up, but the feed doesn’t seem to be up right now. I have been refreshing to see if it comes up, no go yet.

And I just have to know, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP with a fifteen minute warm-up session at 7:30 local time – EIGHT HOURS before the race, with no track time in between? What the hell kind of “warm-up” is that? Run 15 minutes, go have a nice day, and come back for the race at the end of the day. And we all know that if ONE butterfly so much as farts on the track, there goes your little fifteen minutes. I do not get it!

The minutes are ticking away. The warm-up will be over soon, and there’s no news anywhere that I can find. There is a “live” timing and scoring page I’m watching, but the classes are coming up together and it’s not making much sense. It says checkered flag, and the clock tells me your fifteen minutes are now up. I really hope it went well! I’m not even sure you guys ran. I doubt you slept in, but, well, I’ll have to read up later on how yall used this 15 minutes, if at all. From the live timing & scoring feed, it doesn’t look like any Lizard cars even went out. I see P1s and GT2s, about eight cars total. Big old shrug from VroomGrrl!

One thing I’m curious about: who was the “slower GT2 car” who held you up in traffic in qualifying yesterday???

And about Helio Castroneves, may I just say – WHO CARES? I’ve about had it with all the celebrity crap. Helio seems like an OK guy, and the tax mess, I have no clue about it. He was all weepy on TV upon his acquittal, and seeing that did tug at my heartstrings. No hate here. Just a touch of frustration. All the coverage of Long Beach this weekend is now centered on his acquittal on criminal charges, and his trip to California to drive in the GP tomorrow.  Very nice that he can make it out. But that’s tomorrow’s race. I want today’s race . TODAY would be nice. The rest of the celebs can bite me. Hard. Thank you. Moving on…


‘Physically we’re very close,’ Long said Tuesday with an obvious sarcastic smile. ‘We can use all the same seats and pedals, steering wheels and all that. Our accents are very compatible.’

It doesn’t take long to get the joke. Bergmeister is a 6-4, blond-headed German. Long is a 5-9, red-headed American. Perhaps the closest thing they have in common is that they are both Porsche factory aces.

They also are one of the most successful duos in the American Le Mans Series. They established themselves as a premier pairing in 2005 and 2006 with eight combined GT2 victories and three class championships between them.

It gives Flying Lizard an extremely valuable lineup as it attempts to defend its GT2 championship from 2008.

‘It’s nice to be together with my ex-wife again! That’s what I call him,’ Bergmeister said. (Ed note: Long responded, ‘I thought I was the husband!’) ‘We are really close friends. It’s always good being paired together. I’m looking forward to gaining even more success with the new car.’

Too cute! From HERE.

And if you are looking for ALMS news in the Sports section of the New York Times, and you type  “Patrick Long” in the search box? You get this bit of news from April 16, 1861:

A drunken rowdy? NYT April 16, 1861

OK well I’m still not sure what’s up, but I’m sure the news will filter to Alabama eventually. I hope you guys have an awesome day. I see lots of stuff on the schedule, but the only thing I see for you is some fan stuff, an autograph session later this afternoon. I’ll check back in later and see if I can get the team radio stream up for the actual race. I love that thing during races. It’s like being in your pit space, up on the details of one of my favorite teams, with news of the rest filtered through Flying Lizard glasses – a very pleasing view!


As ever,


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