Live Blogging Long Beach

Hi Patrick,

Well! I fired up the team radio and there you are! Just in time for start. GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN! There was some confusion about the start. 87 (Farnbacher Loles?) was doing something not-right out there, sounds like. And I keep hearing “Patrick” so I take it Patrick is the starting driver. GOOOOO PAT!

Alright – RadioLeMans has the race live on the streaming radio. WOohoo! Got both going.

“They’re playing games, they’re playing games. Copy?” Wonder what that’s about. Got some oversteer. Go to Map2, wonder what that’s a setting for. Henzler P1, Pat P2. Radio says Pat is a half-second off Wolf. 44 has dropped well down the field, 3 seconds off the lead in class. Three wide into T9 along the water. Seth struggling in 44. Seth pulls left, kudos from the Radio guys. Some excitement in the prototypes. “Guys, let me know what you want me to do…”

Wow the sounds are soooo exciting! “Flash at Wolf – flash your lights at Wolf.” Is he going to point you by? Haha somehow I doubt it. Use the ___ if you need to.” BUMP? I take it 87 is on yall’s nerves. “If I pull him in here yall need to talk.” What does that mean. Fuel check. Calling out the prototypes for you. What a clusterf*** a drive like this must be – tight course, no run-off, and such variance in build and speed.

“28 tire pressure – don’t know what to do here…”

Uh oh accident in the hairpin? The radio guys are yelling. Joel Feinberg moving up – awesome! Those guys have had a rough year.

Leader being held up into the front straight. Held up by the Corvette as they come onto Shoreline Drive. Let’s see where you are Pat. Still holding 2nd. I know there’s rare opportunity to pass, between the tight course and the prototypes to watch out for. Sharp came across Feinberg in the exit of T6. Really hot battle in front of the classes, especially GT. You’re about 2 tenths off. Dayum. I know you are watching for your chance to get around him.

28 minutes in. Great run thru T8 by Sharp, under the Acura, coming out side by side and the lead changes. Fantastic maneuver, using Bryan Sellers. Damage to RR qp on 66, hanging off. So he’s got the lead – and a problem. Expecting 66 to come in, the quarterpanel fell off, expecting a yellow flag.

Waiting for some commentary on the Lizards. There we go, “Henzler and Long tied together with a very short bungee cord,” says the announcer. Porsches and BMWs up front. Where are the Ferraris? Looks from the helicopter view (per announcers) like Scott clipped Simon as they went into T9.

30 minutes in. DPs are starting to pit. Nothing on the team radio right now. I guess 30 minutes in is the “driver change window.” Guess I could read the rules, huh?

Oh no…PrimeTime Viper facing the wrong way – Joel Feinberg “really using his head there in T9 and rather than go contra-race turned onto the escape and did the flick-turn there. That was heads-up driving for him there. Very dangerous position there at the awesome T9.”

“Pat Long has closed right up on the back of Wolf Henzler.” Yes! Just press him riiiight out of your way! Ha. Too bad it’s not so easy, huh? “Pat Long happy to ride the right-hand curb on the back straight.”

Just under an hour remaining.

PROBLEM FOR THE LEADER IN GT2. The announcers were just saying what incredible concentration it takes to run so close for so long, right on his tail. Then – “Don’t tell me he’s run out of fuel. No, front right suspension has collapsed. Just as happened to the RISI Ferrari a few weeks ago. That’s gone. He’s out. What bad luck for Farnbacher.” “It’s Pat Long who’s hitting the curbs hard, and then BAM he’s out.” Henzler. “Lizards lucked in again.” Whatever. “Brake rotor just hanging limply.” Can’t work on the car until fueling is done.

Pat in P1! LOVE seeing your name move to P1!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Calling for the gap behind you. Still not sure if you’re still in, Pat. Did I miss a driver change? No, you’re still in.

Discussing pitting now. “Thomas.” Is that Thomas Blam I hear on the team radio? Hey Thomas!

Position changes behind you, Patrick. The rest of the GT2 class is scrapping for placement in your wake. Hee! Westbrook and Milner fighting it out thru the fountain section.

Boris Said driving a Vette today. That’s kind of cool.

My husband thinks I’m a lunatic. I have two different audio feeds going at the same time here, and I’m watching the live timing & scoring as well. Tied to the computer here for the duration. No problem. Better than packing boxes!

Fuel 18.0. Somebody’s pitted unexpectedly. Transmission issue? Not sure who they’re talking about.

Marino is flying, absolutely flying!

Radio from Starter: Highcroft – Fire bottle handler without full face and helmet. Has goggles, no full-face helmet. 20 second penalty. BUMMER. Can that affect the win? “Duncan will not be happy. Elementary mistake. YOu can’t afford to make an elementary mistake. You can’t afford to make ANY mistakes.”

GT1 battle for lead.

Something’s going on – can’t tell what. One of the class leaders being held up.

66 car – “The recalcitrant sixty six…” haha.

Lizard: “Are we pitting this lap?” “In comes Patrick Long.” Loosen belt, seat back, all stalls open, driver change. Make sure you hit your mark.” Two cars behind you….nice easy pit. Five seconds, get ready. GO! Now lots of checks being called. Add oil. Last pit stops for GT2. GO JOERG! Now how did Kaffer come out ahead of Joerg? OK Kaffer’s in for a pit. Joerg back on the lead.

Fifty laps completed. Thirty minutes left.

**and company came over and I missed the rest – until the end.**


Hours later…

Yeah so a friend dropped by and my husband insisted I tear myself from the computer and join them on the front porch. OK well he didn’t really have to twist my arm. Her timing could have been better, but come on, face-time with a good friend – one we won’t see as much of after we move – it was an easy call. Hated to miss it but I did catch the very end on a margarita-refill run back into the house. Awesome! I’m so proud of you guys. Kind of a quirky race with the start and finish under yellow, but no yellows in between – though it seemed there was plenty to dodge out there.

Off I go – only got 2 boxes packed today. And tomorrow we’ll be busy dealing with house things at the potential new place. Have a great rest of your weekend!



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