Roller Coaster

Hi Patrick,

I signed up for the Flying Lizard text updates, and I’m glad I did – I received the message with your results from qualifying on my way home from work tonight. I almost sent a reply saying, “WOOOOOOOHOOO!” Once I got home, I took a quick look online to see what was in the blog for the day. I was so busy, and so focused on some intense stuff today, that I didn’t have a minute to surf around for news. But the blog caught me up pretty quickly. Looks like you had P1 for awhile, but ended up in P3 to start the race. I’m guessing the Ferrari boys are making things difficult? Regardless, nice placement up front! And still a bit of challenge to overtake the remaining two places. Just the type of thing you are so good at. Can’t wait to see you do it!

Things are incredibly crazy here right now. We close on the sale of the house we’re living on Tuesday. We start packing this weekend to be out in about three weeks. And the great house we have a contract on? Has some big, bad problems. It all looks so good. The interior renovations were very well done. But it’s looking like the structural problems were basically ignored, and in some ways, worsened by the renovations that added weight to already unsupported structural elements. We’ll be meeting with a contractor out there this weekend to prioritize things, determine if there are any “must-do” items, and attach some dollar signs to them. We’ll either be able to work things out with the seller or not. And if not, we’ll be going to our back-up plan: storing the stuff, boarding the animals, and living in temporary quarters until we find the right house.

I’d thought I could hop over to Barber for a ride, but it turns out their classes are so heavily booked that I can’t get in until next month. That’s great for the school! Me? Guess I’ll just have to be patient! Speaking of which, I didn’t have time this morning to move things around between cars in order to take the 911 to work, so I had to put off taking her out until this weekend.

So it looks like you have a fifteen-minute warm-up session from 7:30-7:45 in the morning? What the hell? I looked at the schedule and there are really short practices squeezed in between drift shows, concerts, and Indy car events. Must drive you guys crazy, these made-for-TV celebrity-central race weekends. But then Long Beach is your home turf, and it’s all old-hat to you by now, all the hoopla.

I’m off to catch up on the events of the day and hit the sack. There’s a big football game in town this weekend, so it’s the perfect weekend to hunker down in the house and take care of business. I’m starting on my office, where I can hear the team radio on bigger speakers. But I can drag the laptop anywhere in the house and keep up with things. Good luck tomorrow to all of you!!



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