Hey Patrick,

You’ve had your track walk, and the first two practice sessions at Long Beach today. By now you are winding down. Perhaps enjoying a shot of Patron! Ha! I hope everything went well for you guys today. I haven’t seen or heard the first word – I’ll keep watching. How is #45 doing? How are you doing? Let me check the weather. OK well that looks perfect! It must be gorgeous out there.

Edited to add: I just read this online – well done yall! “Flying Lizard Motorsports’ Porsche of Patrick Long and Jörg Bergmeister was third in class but fastest in the first session at 1:21.992 (86.408 mph). ”

And there’s also ALMS: Flying Lizards are California Dreaming.

It’s gorgeous here. While you were at the track, I was racing an hour to Birmingham to meet inspectors and construction contractors at our new (we hope) house. My head is spinning! It seems there are some rather big issues (foundation, HVAC) to be worked out. Lots to think about. And my work day prior to that was hectic and a bit frustrating. It’s time to carve out a tiny window of fun. I am going over to PSDS as soon as I can work it out for a hot lap ride. It only takes a few minutes, and I could use a little breath of track if you know what I mean. Even if I can’t do the driving myself! Barber is such a beautiful facility, and a fun track to drive or ride. We’ve got great weather here through Saturday, anyway.
Boxes saying, Pack me!

Boxes saying, "Pack me!"

And what do I care about the weather for the weekend? I’ll be inside packing. And also? Packing! If I can get my nearby friend interested in it, I may change the oil in the 911. It’s time. That’ll be another nice break if I can work it out.

I need to send this question in via your PCA blog – do you ever get car-sick when you’re a passenger on a race track? Are you ever a passenger on a race track these days? I’ve gotten really queasy a few times. At Barber, I got really green on rides with Daniel Eastman and Chris Hall. And with my instructor at the DE I did, though it took several laps at increasing speeds to hit me there. I have a friend in Ohio who’s learning to drive also, and she told me she gets pretty queasy when a passenger. Neither of us has this problem when we drive. And yes, we’re looking out of the car! Maybe it’s a control thing? Shrug.

Amazing the things you learn about a person when you read about them in their hometown paper. The stories are always a little more personal. Just little things, but interesting. You’re Irish and Italian. You have a roommate (I’d read that elsewhere). Your favorite restaurant. Have you gotten a lot of speeding tickets, I wonder?

I’m thinking about driving the 911 to work tomorrow. I’ve been trying to keep from piling the miles on my new tires to save the best of them for the track and autocross. My commute is about 60 miles each way. But…I’ll take my fun where I can get it at times like this. And there’s nothing better than walking out of the office at 4:30 and seeing my 911 waiting to take me home!

Have an awesome Friday – good luck to all of you in qualifying. ROCK IT, LIZARDS! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yours truly,


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