“Long” Beach

Hey Patrick,

Well I followed through on sending a thank-you note to Franz Blam, and I heard back from Thomas! How awesome. He was really sweet, and assuming we can work out the timing with our various travel schedules, I’m going to stop by their shop and meet them on one of my trips over that way to visit my mother.

I also followed through on going by to see my car guys today. Nothing like some air-cooled Porsche fumes and some nice greasy hugs from my car guys! They’re getting all hifalutin with their fancy logo shirts and their slick new website. The shop owner, however, is as crusty and curmudgeonly as ever, fancy logo shirt or not! Somehow today we got into a shouting match about civil rights while standing under a gorgeous old 911 turbo. Despite the fact that I’m a lawyer, I actually hate, hate, hate arguing with people. I’d rather talk about the cars!

It’s so hard to leave my car in the garage, so hard to see each day pass with all my previously-planned track working and driving events scratched out and replaced with “PACK” and “MOVE.” Between moving and my job, I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode. The good news is, I am 100% certain that in a very few weeks, I will be typing these letters to you from my new office in my gorgeous 108-year-old house in downtown Birmingham. I am stressing about the lack of any garage space. I told my car guys I was going to leave my car at the shop until I got something worked out to keep it properly. I was only half-kidding! I am so unaccustomed to saying “no” to calls for track workers, too. But I am keeping true to my short-term priorities. The car is on ice until we get into the new place.

Which better happen by the end of May, when I am scheduled to drive Barber with NASA-SE!

So tomorrow begins the Flying Lizard race blog coverage of your activities at Long Beach. Thank heavens for Jen’s updates there or I would be so out of touch with the whole thing. Maybe team radio will be on when you guys are out on the track? I think they just stream that for actual qualifying and racing. We shall see. One thing I didn’t do today was holler at my SpeedTV producer friend about the sorry-ass Long Beach coverage. The Indy race is going on the same weekend, and all the little Indy princes and princesses get their mugs and little cars on TV. I’m told ALMS doesn’t bring in enough revenue to justify full TV coverage. Bleah. I just want to watch the freakin race!

Speaking of princes and princesses, I had another Porsche Princess moment yesterday. The UPS man brought me a package. I knew it was coming, but not exactly what was in it. And what was in it? My new driving shoes! A woman I’ve been exchanging emails with for several months is in the car business, though new to high performance driving. Somebody she knows sent her a few pairs of shoes that were developed by Adidas for marketing to women – but the project never took off, and they ended up giving the shoes away as promo items. The tag on the shoe said 7 1/2 and I wear a 9. They looked tiny! But my Porsche Princess luck prevailed – they fit perfectly! They don’t have any of that extra reinforcement that many driving shoes have on the outside of the right foot, but the soles are super thin, and the shoes overall are very light and comfortable. I can’t wait to put them on and drive!

OK well as usual, this got way longer than I planned. Tomorrow is Thursday. Scary-busy day for me, but I’ll be sure to check in the blog and see how your day is going.  Looking at the schedule, you have practice from 3-4 and 5-5:45.  I’ll be watching listening reading!



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