Your Office

Hey Patrick,

I really enjoyed your latest column for SpeedTV.  Given the kinds of challenges you face on the track, I found it hard to believe you could be so nervous about a speaking engagement. But I totally  understand, too. You said it went great, and I’m sure it did. Who better to talk to the media about the 2010 GT3 RSR than the man who considers a GT3 his “office”? I’m sure they were delighted to hear a driver’s perspective.

The video linked in that article was so much fun to watch. Finally, a nice long look at some of the great driving that put you on the podium in St. Pete. It was cool to see the driver change. I noticed that just before you hopped out, you shot the seat  back to accommodate your taller partner in crime, Joerg. I wish I could see that whole damned race from your car’s perspective. I know the charge you made to the front had to have been exciting as hell. The clip was such a tease! But great fun.

Of course, this challenge caught my eye:

The car just gives you a feel for the road and a wide range of revs to just punish it. In my opinion, there are cars out there that accelerate and stop, but not handle like the GT3. Send your rebuttals my way, I’ll buy you a beer and argue with you all night.

Well hell, Pat. How can I rebut that?  I am a lawyer. I should play devil’s advocate just for the sake of collecting the prize of beer and argument with you!  But alas, I am a woman of principle, and I can’t,  in good conscience, rebut your take on the handling of the GT3 as compared to other cars. While I have not driven one myself, I have had the privilege of riding in the awesome GT3 on more than one occasion out at Barber (Cass Whitehead and Chris Hall were my drivers), and I was absolutely floored at the unlikely combination of raw road feel, and stunningly responsive handling – at least from what I could feel and observe. I’ll have to find another way to collect that beer and conversation!

I did download the Long Beach circuit for rFactor, and then proceeded to spend 20 minutes smashing my crappy sim car around the walls before I put it away for the night. Way, way over my head. But fun, still. There seem to be some corners that require really super low speeds, as in like 30 mph. You can probably take them at 60 in the Lizard-mobile! It looks like a really exciting course. And you’ll be surrounded by family and friends – that sounds like a great time. I know when I had my new “team” watching me on the track at Barber, it felt really good to come back to the paddock to a round of hugs, cheers, and beer! I’ll look forward to reading about the great time you have at Long Beach, and about how good it feels to be at the top of the podium there – again!

The coverage for us mere mortals is DISMAL. NO live television coverage at all! What the fuck? I need to call my SpeedTV producer friend and let her have it. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the race. Well at least I’ll be able to see the replay this time. And I’ll have the Lizard team radio playing on my laptop listening to you guys during the race. Jen’s blog is awesome. She’s so good on the important details, very concise. Unlike me! 

That said, I’ll end it here. More storms coming.



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