New York, New York

Hi Patrick,

Hubby and me in front of Carnegie Hall to see Pat Metheny

Hubby and me in front of Carnegie Hall to see Pat Metheny

I just checked your website to see if I could tell what you might be up to this weekend, and I see that you were in NYC for the big auto show to introduce the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 to the world. Look at you in your fancy jacket and everything! I wonder if you got to spend the weekend in NYC, or if you jetted back home, or somewhere else. I love NY. I find it simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting to be in the midst of all of that dense population and activity. I’ve always said I’d like to live there, and have felt quite at home on some extended visits. It helps to have friends who live right there in the city. I haven’t been since my birthday two years ago when I went to see my favorite guitarist, Pat Metheny, play at Carnegie Hall.

What a perfect segue! Today happens to be my birthday. And I’ve received the best gift(s) ever. We signed a contract to sell our home in this college town, and we signed a contract to buy a home an hour east in Birmingham. No more one-hour commute each way for me. Only 20 minutes from Barber! Yay! We love, love, love the house we’re going to, a gorgeous restored 1901 four-square that we got a great deal on. The only downside of the new place – no garage or carport! We have plans for a temporary carport under the deck, and longer-range plans to build a small garage. Must have a garage for the 911! We were damned lucky to get a decent price on the house we’re selling. It all worked out and fell apart several times in the past couple of weeks, hell, the past couple of days. Serious roller coaster. But I just got the final signed contracts, so we are looking good. It could all still go to hell at any moment, but we are looking for it to continue to fall into place. Come on Porsche Princess luck!

Dad, his dog Roger, and his beloved Alfa Romeo, Beirut, c. 1959

Dad, his dog Roger, and his beloved Alfa Romeo, Beirut, c. 1959

So I’m spending this birthday packing up, and dealing with folks coming to look at some larger things we’re selling, mainly a 14′ ski boat we will not have room for in the city. We never did get it out on the water in the 8 years we had it, but it’s a classic 1969 Glassmaster (we call it the “Assmaster”…just because!) that should make a great project for somebody. Kind of an odd way to spend a birthday, maybe, but far, far superior to the way I spent it last year. Last year, we lucked into tickets to see Joan Baez on my birthday. We had to bag that, though, when my father, who was critically ill in the hospital, had to have (another) emergency surgery. He was pretty out of it much of the time, and interestingly, often wanted to talk about cars. He loved the Alfa Romeo he had in his 30’s when he and my mom first met in Beirut. He died May 16 of last year, and so really, this whole Spring has been a mix of appreciation for the budding beauty everywhere, and intense pain remembering exactly what I was doing as everything bloomed around me last year.

Love our new staircase!

Love our new staircase!

I’m usually all about the car stuff here, but my poor car hasn’t been on the road in over a week! Well my Porsche, anyway. I’m going to take it out for a spin later this afternoon. But for the next few weeks, it’s all about getting out of this place and into the new place. I have had to bag most of my car-related plans that were in place. With any luck we have three weekends to pack up and get moved, and since I burned all my leave last year with my dad in the hospital, I can’t take any time off during the week. The racing team that inducted me last month is off in Baton Rouge, where they rented a track all for themselves to get some seat time. HATED to miss that. I had to contact my various club worker chiefs and back out of all of my track working commitments for the next month. I was going to go to the Mitty at Road Atlanta, but that’s off. I could go on and on. The only thing I have not backed out of yet is my weekend driving HPDE1 at Barber with NASA-SE, last weekend of May. I have no clue what the next few weeks hold, but if there’s any way I can drive that weekend I’m going to do it. And then hopefully also a PCA DE at Barber in June. Fingers crossed.

Next weekend is Long Beach for the Lizards. We’ll see if I can get any kind of coverage to watch or listen to as I am eye-ball deep in packing up. You guys are looking great so far, and I hope you have a kick-ass season right through to the end, and collect your driver and class championships!

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