First Time at Barber: Dreams Come True

VroomGrrls first time on track - Barber

VroomGrrl's first time on track - Barber

Hey Patrick,

I know you take your “giving back to the sport” seriously so please know that partly due to your inspiration (and watching some of your in-car videos), I had a fantastic first track weekend at Barber. This was my big debut! I did a PCA DE and was pretty much the newest novice there. So I got passed a lot. But then I had clear track and I had a blast. My instructor was perfect for me – very low key demeanor, very focused, but also lighthearted and fun.

It was so cool to work out some of my challenges: to keep some power on through the back kinks, to smooth out my footwork & timing to nail the museum turn, to get enough power out of the first big sweeper to fly right out of my seat as I crested the hill (I’ll be investing in a CG lock!). The time on track seemed to fly – the checkered flag always came too soon. WHAT? I have to stop now??? As I picked up confidence and speed through the weekend it really all started to come together. AWESOME. I can’t wait to get out there again.

My sweet little bone stock 88 911 was absolutely solid. I MET MY REV LIMITER!

Of course, I made a video to capture the weekend:

I’m not sure how much of a fan I’ll have time to be this year – with any luck I’ll catch you at Petit Le Mans again. You are a really good writer and I’ll continue to enjoy your PCA blog, and your more recent stuff for SpeedTV. And I’ll watch every bit of ALMS coverage they’ll run on television (I wish they would carry ALL big endurance races – Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, Petit Le Mans, etc.).


Hope this finds you happy and well!



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