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St. Petersburg

Posted in Autocross, Lessons, Pat's Races on March 31, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Dear Patrick,

Before I forget (again) I have been wanting to express my condolences on the loss of your friend, Bob Carlson . I went back to get a quote from your SpeedTV article, and realized I had yet to mention this in my previous notes. From the tributes, it is apparent that he was a wonderful friend to many people.  From what you wrote, it’s clear you lost a cherished friend and mentor. I’m so sorry for you and all his friends and family who are suffering the pain of losing him.

Well it’s hard to pick up from there, but I shall press on. Continue reading


The Smell of a Cone, Dragging

Posted in Autocross, Lessons on March 30, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Hi Patrick,

I’m just home from my day of autocross. I’ve got my load-in and load-out down to an art. That goes in the “good” column. In fact, several people stopped by my spot in the paddock, looked at all my stuff laid out, looked at my car, and said, “Do not tell me all of that just came out of THAT car!” And that was without the cooler and pop-up tent I bring to summer events. Ha!

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Posted in Autocross, Lessons on March 27, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Dear Patrick,  

I have some big excitement (and some big expectations?) about driving in an autocross event this Sunday. This will be my first autocross of the season and I’m stoked! Since I got started last Fall, I’ve been taking baby steps. For real, when I started out, I had no clue what I was getting into! It’s been such an incredible process so far. I have made progress, and I am having a blast! But at this point, I am getting impatient bringing up the back of every pack.   Continue reading

Maybe Not the Biggest Fan

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Dear Patrick,

I completely missed out on an online chat session with you. How did THAT happen? I don’t pay much attention to television, and only rarely check the SpeedTV site, that’s how. I guess I will at least be checking the website more regularly. I hate missing out! I think the first things I’d want to ask you would be words of wisdom for beginning drivers like me (me me me!). I enjoyed reading the transcript, anyway. I’ll be watching closely for a 2-wheel surprise from you at Long Beach. Way to keep us guessing!

Speaking of television, F1 coverage starts tonight. At midnight. I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody brings to the track for the season. Lots of buzz. As long as they show it all in the first hour! Work tomorrow.

Well just a quickie for now…



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Dear Patrick,

I was looking at the Flying Lizard website a few days ago, and saw they had a “submit fan photos” link. I submitted a photo I took a few weeks ago at Road Atlanta. I was there for a club race weekend, and we had a Friday night baby shower for our weather forecaster/trophy girl in the basement classroom of the tower. I noticed one of the framed photos hanging on the wall, thought of you immediately, and snapped a picture of it. I got the biggest kick out of it, and I figured that you would, too:


I have it on good authority that you did, indeed, get a kick out of it! Your old #6 Penske car and your new #45 Flying Lizard car, probably in a Petit Le Mans race.

So I’m not sure about this whole blog thing. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? It’s not so much just the blog, as it is that over the past few months, I’ve reached out to “touch” you several times, in digital terms, and I do worry about coming across as some kind of freak. I’ve sent a couple of emails via the PCA blog site, and a couple through Sean. I sent the photo thru Jennifer. If you have thought about these contacts at all, I imagine it’s something along the lines of, “What the f*** is up with this woman?”

I’ve never been one to send “fan mail” or anything like that. On the other hand, when there is a mode of contact, especially in the digital age, I have not been shy about shooting off my thoughts to a “celebrity.” My ramblings on the “About” page explain where I’m coming from here. But I still feel kind of unsure about the whole endeavor. We’ll see what happens.

So let’s see what you’re doing this week. Hopefully taking it easy! Your schedule says your next race will be in St. Pete FL the first weekend in April – the same weekend when I hope to be crewing for my friends in the 24 Hours of LeMons at CMP. Wow. That’s coming right up, isn’t it? A week from this weekend. I better figure out which car I want to impose the 8-hrs-each-way drive on and get it all shaped up for the trip. It won’t be the 911, I can tell you that much! I have an autocross event this Sunday, though. So I do need to give the 911 a good check in the next few days.

It’s past my bedtime. Bye for now.



Posted in Pat's Races, Track Days on March 23, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Dear Patrick,

Knowing that as a racer, you are always going for first, I imagine there is some letdown to not making the podium at Sebring. But wow what a race! You guys were sooooo close! 4th (and 5th!) is nothing to sneeze at – quite an accomplishment given the way things were looking the first five minutes in, too.

As luck would have it, I had to be doing something else as the race was ending, so again, I missed all the excitement! Today I found some video of the pivotal battle between Marc Lieb in the #45 and the #21 Panoz. As the announcer is saying, “The Panoz did not turn into Porsche,” I am watching, incredulously, as the Panoz appears to me to be turning into Marc. And this is not just the perspective through Flying Lizard Fan Porsche-crazy rose-tinted glasses. Really. Continue reading

First Time at Barber: Dreams Come True

Posted in Lessons, Track Days on March 11, 2009 by vroomgrrl
VroomGrrls first time on track - Barber

VroomGrrl's first time on track - Barber

Hey Patrick,

I know you take your “giving back to the sport” seriously so please know that partly due to your inspiration (and watching some of your in-car videos), I had a fantastic first track weekend at Barber. This was my big debut! I did a PCA DE and was pretty much the newest novice there. So I got passed a lot. But then I had clear track and I had a blast. My instructor was perfect for me – very low key demeanor, very focused, but also lighthearted and fun. Continue reading