HI again Patrick,

I went to sleep for a few hours this morning and woke up to find that you’d run a double stint and moved the team into 1st. What a great wake-up! If you ever see these messages it will probably be long after this race is over, if ever, but…wow! so exciting! Incredible work – just stunning.

Less than an hour to go now – GO GO GO GO GO!!!

Our virtual racers for charity have been at it on the simulator along side the real race for the whole 24, our only amusement between 10p and 7a when there was no coverage of the real race, not even by radio! We actually wrecked our virtual car in the 1st 2 hrs – but in the virtual world, RESET is our friend.

OK back to the race, I’ll be hoping to see you atop that podium in a couple of hours. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!



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