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Congrats on Daytona!

Posted in Pat's Races on January 25, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Hi again Patrick,

Yes it’s me, VroomGrrl in Alabama. And may I quote myself upon the end of the 24 Hours of Daytona:



WOW. I apparently slept through the best part of the race, when you moved the team to the front (wooooo!!!!) but there was no live coverage here between 10P and 7A. I was actually at our Virtual 24 charity fundraiser party until 4AM, but we were reduced to gathering round the computer monitor watching the Grand Am live timing & scoring page as our sole means of “watching” the race. Agonizing! If I were a betting woman, I’d have made out this weekend! Instead, I’m happy to reap any reward solely in the form of shared joy at your success, and the Brumos team (Hurley) as well. Continue reading



Posted in Pat's Races on January 25, 2009 by vroomgrrl

HI again Patrick,

I went to sleep for a few hours this morning and woke up to find that you’d run a double stint and moved the team into 1st. What a great wake-up! If you ever see these messages it will probably be long after this race is over, if ever, but…wow! so exciting! Incredible work – just stunning.

Less than an hour to go now – GO GO GO GO GO!!!

Our virtual racers for charity have been at it on the simulator along side the real race for the whole 24, our only amusement between 10p and 7a when there was no coverage of the real race, not even by radio! We actually wrecked our virtual car in the 1st 2 hrs – but in the virtual world, RESET is our friend.

OK back to the race, I’ll be hoping to see you atop that podium in a couple of hours. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!


Good Luck at Daytona

Posted in Pat's Races, Sim Racing on January 24, 2009 by vroomgrrl

Hey Patrick,

I’m so glad to see you’re going to try “Blackberrying” through the race weekend. I’ll check back often to see what you’re up to. I’m going to be following several cars – along with you, I’ll be watching Hurley with his Brumos team, and the Farnbacher Loles Children’s Tumor Foundation car.

My local SCCA buddies are having a watch party, which turned into a Virtual 24 Hours of “Simtona” party. As in, we put together a team to run the whole 24 hours on a top-of-the-line simulator (running GTR2) – at a guy’s house outside Birmingham, Alabama. And that has morphed into a fundraiser for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, sort of parallel to the FL team.

I’ve taken up a bit of sim racing myself as an off-season thing, and what I’ve learned so far is that if you don’t already know how to drive on a racetrack, you are going to suck on the simulator. I am improving, but not better enough fast enough for this weekend. Hence, I will not be one of the team drivers! I couldn’t convince them to let me drive a virtual pace car either. Alas, I will be there for a while doing something, probably entering live updates on the facebook page, maybe firing up my webcam to do some reporting, and passing out Red Bull (this is what passes for “crew” in a virtual endurance race).

All the fruitbasket-turnover in the racing world lately has me totally confused.For my own very selfish reasons, I am glad to see you back in a GT. I guess because I love those cars and have actually ridden in one at Barber. How self-centered of me! Because if I had to guess, I’d guess you prefer the faster cars. However you feel about it, you are clearly making the best of it.

I sincerely wish you a great weekend, and a great year!